Drought and Climate Change Solution

“Causes, Effects and Solutions to Drought.” Conserve Energy Future, 2022. 

The website explores all the aspects of drought and shows its consequences to people. It offers to plant more trees, harvest rainwater, and become environmentally conscious. The various approaches to solving the issue is a rational idea. The last one is crucial: to make people aware of the consequences of their actions and show the ways how they can help the environment and, consequently, the following generations. People have to be educated on using water rationally and not polluting it. It is highly important to explore the problem before seeking the solution. This will prove the point that the root cause has to be considered when solving the problem. The issue with climate change and droughts starts with the people who cause it.

Eslamian, Saeid, Saleh Tarkesh Esfahani, and Kaveh Ostad-Ali-Askari. “Solutions to Managing Drought and Reducing Demands.” (2020). Web.

In the article, the authors emphasize the importance of using water wisely. They claim that it is necessary to increase the cost of water in the coming years for people to consider their actions and reduce unnecessary consumption. Furthermore, educating people from a young age on using water wisely and showing the importance of natural recourse’s value would solve the problem. This information will be helpful for the essay due to its relevance, truthfulness, and effectiveness. The main reason the environment is affected is people who damage it: that is the way the solution has to be found in people. This statement can be used as an essay thesis because it is correct and rational.

Gautam, Kabita, et al. Machine Learning Model to Reproduce Nature-Based Solutions for Flood and Drought Mitigation. No. EGU22-11777. Copernicus Meetings, 2022. 

The paper describes how tightly environmental problems and humans’ actions are connected. It is fundamental to understand this aspect and drive people’s attention to it this issue. There are some actions taken, but this is not enough. There are special machines invented that can predict what problems will occur in the current area. This is a time-saving technology that will point to the area that has to be prioritized. This solution is quite rational; it will help prevent people and the environment from deplorable consequences and alleviate the problem; however, it will not solve the whole issue of droughts.

Hurt, Elizabeth. “Engineering Solutions for Droughts (Preparing for Disaster).” Rosen Central; 1st edition, 2019.

The book explores the way to prevent droughts by using new technologies. It discovers different types of tools that will help make the environment sustainable. Such tools as the U.S. Drought Monitor, Drought Impact Reporter, and U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook are presented there. This is useful in fighting environmental problems and helping people be safe from disasters. This may be applied as a strategy to reduce some consequences of irrational water consumption. However, this is not the root cause of the problem: people have to remember that they create climate changes.

Kalantari, Zahra, et al. “Nature-based solutions for flood-drought risk mitigation in vulnerable urbanizing parts of East-Africa.” Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health 5 (2018): 73-78. 

The following article explores the problem of imbalance between floods and droughts in Africa and its impact on the economy. The authors emphasize the importance of taking action and finding solutions to the problem before it is too late. Many human lives depend on the right decisions on this issue. The authors state that it is essential to solve the problem by considering people first, and they are right. For instance, it is rational to focus on the most vulnerable territories and people, starting the solution from them, which is prioritized. Such an approach will help in saving people’s lives and balancing the water flow all over the world.

Ondrasek, Gabrijel, editor. Drought – Detection and Solutions. IntechOpen, 2020. 10.5772/intechopen.78865.

The author elaborately describes drought, its types, and how it affects food and people. To find a solution, the problem has to be fully understood and clear because solving something people do not fully understand can result in disaster. The book helps explore the problem and the main reasons for its occurrence. The information from it will be helpful for the essay to enter the problem. Additionally, it gives a strong knowledge and leaves no doubts about the issue.

Shivakoti, Binaya Raj, et al. “Strategic use of groundwater-based solutions for drought risk reduction and climate resilience in Asia and beyond.” Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction, UNDRR (2019). 

This paper assumes to use of groundwater as a solution to the problem. It states that this is the proper way to reduce drought risk, and the water can be retrieved and reused. The authors explain the importance of integrating such an approach, emphasizing its sustainability. However, it seems that this solution is not the best one and can be wrong. It is much better to use water wisely and rationally that humanity already has and stop wasting and polluting it rather than using new resources. Educating people on a moderate usage of water will be much more effective than starting using new supplies that can be affected by people’s irresponsible attitude in the end. Overconsuming the groundwater may result in its disappearance or pollution, which will lead to disaster.

Vyas, Kashyap. “8 Innovative Drought Solutions That We Can Count On”. Interesting Engineering, 2019.

The other way to overcome droughts is to harvest water from the air. Several experiments were conducted during which people tried to get water from the air, and the attempts were successful. This way allows to obtain water without any electricity and to do so even in desserts. This way may not solve the problem of drought in the whole world. However, it will help people who suffer from a lack of water and may save lives, and can be an auxiliary way to help alleviate the problem.

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