Concept of the Education Technology


What, apart from the upcoming modern technologies, can make learning apart from working, an interesting activity that every learner would always enjoy? Modern education has changed from the traditional learning methods that used paper instructional delivery to the more advanced approaches that use computers in delivering instructions. From elementary schools to higher learning institutions, educational experts have created means of transferring educational information from the teachers to the learners.

Education technology in its broadest meaning is the use of modern technologies such as computers, computerized communication gadgets, and internet services to enable the sharing of crucial academic information from the instructors to the learners. The most common terms that educational experts use to describe the technological form of learning where pedagogical exchange occurs through the networked computers are electronic learning or e-learning, virtual learning, or distance learning.

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Education technology is a form of a modern strategy aimed towards improving the classroom and field-learning activities such as instructional delivery, information sharing among learners, educational video conferencing, and others. As a modern educational program aimed towards enhancing the learning experiences of the learners and improving the teaching practices of the teachers, education technology has improved knowledge sharing.

At first, students could walk long distances to seek higher education, or miss it completely due to the scarcity or shortage of the learning institutions that appeared to lack the proper learning equipment or looked scattered and out of reach. Education technology popularly referred to as virtual learning or distance learning enables students of all kinds to log into their computer systems and share classroom activities, learning progresses, and assignments with their teachers despite their physical location.

Perhaps the most exciting experience of modern technology education is when learners access information sharing instruments, access the internet sites that provide a lot of important educational information, and deliver their assignments through emails. Education technology has allowed the easy and efficient transfer of reliable educational knowledge from the instructors to the learners at convenient times, at affordable costs, and in the most desirable manner.

Despite the educational experts, revealing that lack of student social interaction and violation of the ethical learning practices are issues that are causing international arguments about the use of education technology, technology benefits are plenty compared to the limitations. Some education websites have allowed the teachers and the learners to interact through instant messages, videoconference facilities, and live chats that offer instant feedbacks between the learners and the teachers.


Education has no boundaries or satisfaction levels that hinder people from continuing with studying. Following the appearance of education technology, working professionals willing to expand their education through training and development programs have found virtual learning as a perfect innovation. Workers willing to expand their knowledge in the institutions have had a unique opportunity to continue working and learning at the same time.

Education technology is the most interesting improvement in the education sector that learners will always admire to use due to its quick information-processing abilities, different options to utilize during learning, easy learning progress, and easy communication between the teachers and the learners. Therefore, despite the community worrying about the moral values of their children that may drop due to their frequent interaction with the networked computers, computer technology is the most valuable approach of sharing instruction and feedback between the teachers and the students.

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