Technology Integration Ideas in Education

Previous experience I have had with computers

During my training as a teacher in college, I attended a private college on basic computer applications that would be important in class. In college, we were exposed to computer applications; lecturers made sure that we presented our work in class using PowerPoint; most assignments had to be presented in the word processor (Starr, 2011). In addition, we used to draw figures using graphics software; some of the figures drawn were used in class as teaching aids. In addition, I have experience in creating quizzes and puzzles, which can be used by students to sharpen their minds.

Who will use the technology

In high school, technology could be used by students and teachers to help in communication. Eleventh-grade students are good at technology; teachers can post a topic on the blog and students respond to it by posting their responses on the topic. In the lower classes, younger students can use technology to fill out puzzles and draw images using computer programs.

For what purpose will the technology be used

Such technology in class could make the process of teaching easier and it can also be used by all students. In addition, the advent of technology was meant to make the process of learning easier and richer than the normal process. Integration of word processing programs in class ensures that lower-grade students have basic information on how to operate a computer, making work easier for them when they get to high school.

When will technology be used

Computer technology is applicable for the 10th grade and those above it; under these grades, teachers give online assignments to students. Students go to the internet, download all the relevant information regarding the topic of study, compile it and prepare a presentation. The information collected can be presented either in raw form or it could be simplified and demonstrated as a PowerPoint presentation. In addition, students should be involved in preparing teaching aids using computer drawing software.

What role will the students play

As a teacher in class, I should monitor the response of the students to the new technology. In addition, I should ensure that students have hands-on experience with the available computers and computer applications in class. To make sure that students understand the concepts, the teacher should act as a guide to them when it comes to the application of technology (Starr, 2011). Students are responsible for making sure that they have engaged fully in learning the new technology. In addition, students should practice what they have learned in class in order to perfect the various technological applications.

In case the class has many students than the available computers

In the case that there are more students than the available students; the teacher should ensure that all students have access to computers. To do so, I would ensure that students have access to the computers in shifts. Each shift should be grouped at different times of the day so that all students have access and practice what they have theoretically learned. If the situation is too bad, it would be advisable that students work in groups but to ensure that each of the group members works on the computer; it is wise that each one of them works on a different assignment from the other.

How will you decide if your use of computers is effective?

To determine if the lesson taught in class was effective, it is important to give assignments to the students. Such assignments would help ensure that students have understood the concepts and they can apply them without being helped by their teachers. In addition, there is a need to have continuous assessments that would help deduce if a chapter or concept was understood by students (Starr, 2011). Having tested at the end of the course would help the teacher grade students and have a clearer profile of the class.


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