Technological Impact on Communication and Society

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Advances in communication and technology have improved the general living standards of many people over the years. Unlike in the olden days, the world has become a global village and people are no longer restricted to their familiar environments. Among other things, technological advancements have simplified communication, travel, and access to information. However, the human race has been affected negatively as well.

This paper discusses the effect of the technological growth on the society and the way people interact with one another. One of the negative impacts of the technological change is an increased isolation and overdependence on machines to perform tasks. Some other aspects of life affected by technology include education, war, and agriculture. In the midst of all these transformations, concerns are rising regarding the adjustments that human beings have to make for survival.

Positive Impacts of Technology

Largely, technological advancements have enabled humans to go about their daily businesses with a less stress (Menon, 2011). The use of cellular phones, for example, has allowed people to communicate with friends and relatives wherever they may be, conduct business transactions at their own convenience, and access a pool of information virtually on any topic through the phones with the Internet connection. Over time, the use of the Internet and related services has continued to grow and today, life without technology is almost unimaginable. Technology in the present age offers numerous options to consumers that may be chosen based on one’s specific needs.

Advancements in communication and technology have also greatly revolutionized the education sector worldwide. Applying technology, teachers can come up with creative ways of teaching and getting students involved in the learning process. Students can also access huge depositories of data in relation to their studies, which help them supplement the study material (Mukhtar, 2013). The society has many ways to communicate due to advancements in technology. Unlike in the olden days when reaching friends and relatives could cause certain problems, communication today reached its highest simplicity level.

A new avenue has also been created for working class students who have a strong desire to advance their education without a break from their employment. Through technology, these students are able to communicate with their respective teachers and learn like other students in a traditional classroom environment. With the help of technology, the medical fraternity is presented with more ways to save lives. Medical practitioners are now able to diagnose different forms of illnesses using special technological equipment and the general approach to treatment has become better (Menon, 2011). Another area where technology has had an impact is agriculture. Farmers and researchers in the agricultural sector can use technology to analyze soil samples, study the weather patterns and hence know when it is better to plant crops, and to match crops to soils types.

Negative Aspects of Technology

As it has already been explained, advances in communication and technology have resulted in a more comfortable life for human beings. This notwithstanding, there are various negative aspects that the public must be aware of. Research generally indicates that various sectors of the economy have been adversely affected by the changes in technology taking place on a daily basis (Mukhtar, 2013). The advances in technology have seen a number of business ventures being shut down or indulging in massive retrenchment exercises in order to cut down spending on human resource.

The print media is one sector that has received a major blow as a result of the increased use of the Internet. Unlike in the past, when people fully depended on the printed newspapers to stay abreast with current affairs and access information, the newspapers are today accessible through the Internet. Mostly, digital media has replaced print media presenting serious challenges to conventional printers. Access to music has also been simplified considering that various music files can be easily downloaded via the Internet. This has led to the closure of some music companies.

Advancements in communication and technology have also affected our cultural sphere. The mode of socialization has changed from face to face interactions to online ones. Among other things, this has led to real life hazards including people concealing their identities in order to take advantage of innocent people. Technological progress has been blamed for the globally increased insecurity. Terrorists are now able to smoothly plan and execute their criminal acts without being detected by security agents. Various stakeholders have attempted to devise mechanism of ensuring that innocent people are not harmed by malicious activities.


From this discussion, it is obvious that technology has greatly revolutionized the society. However, while it has brought in many changes that have positively impacted on the lives of humans, it has also come with several negative repercussions that people must understand how to deal with.


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