Impact of Information Technology on a Student’s Life

Living in the modern world many people cannot imagine their life without information technologies. Leaving a house without a mobile phone, iPad, or a notebook people feel uncomfortable, some individualities may even appear in panic as they cannot imagine what to do without information technology devices. Information technology systems have become an essential part of human life, however, we sometimes exaggerate the importance of the information technologies in our lives. Looking at the situation from a critical point of view, people can easily live without information technology devices, however, there are the categories of people who can lead normal lives thanks to the development of the information technologies. People with disabilities are those for whom information technologies have become one of the possibilities to survive. Elderly people can actively participate in the life using information technologies. Information technologies make human life easier. Applying information technologies at home, at work or at educational establishments, people make their life easier and better, however, it does not mean that they are unable to work without IT devices. They just increase the efficacy of the working process. However, these devices are really important for those who are restricted in moving.

Information technologies play an essential role in business sphere. Economics have become an international affair, therefore, running a business people are to be in contact with the whole world. Innovation technologies are really important for such cases. There are a lot of different spheres how the innovation technologies support business world. First of all, all the databases, lists of clients, financial data, etc. are gathered and stored in computers. The information is mostly delivered through the emails that saves company time and money. Financial operations in the company are also connected with information technologies. Electronic commerce is a great step which helps many companies run their business, increase the efficacy and enlarge. Electronic commerce has made it impossible to run business without applying to information technologies. Looking at the tendencies in the world of business, it is hard to imagine a big international company which works without the use of the information technologies. The culture in the company has changed as well as there is no need to come to another office to deliver a message, there are a lot of different devices which help deliver messages and all possible information within several seconds. The business process has become faster with the development of the information technologies that increase the profit of the companies.

Defining social computing, Harrell (2010) states that it “allow[s] users to interact with one another and to create virtual personae for themselves in unprecedented ways” (p. 187). Vannoy and Palvia (2010) tried to develop a more detailed definition saying that social computing is “intra-group social and business actions practiced through group consensus, group cooperation, and group authority, where such actions are made possible through the mediation of information technologies, and where group interaction causes members to conform and influences others to join the group” (p. 149). There are a lot of different social networks aimed at helping people socialize. Facebook, Space, Twitter, Google Circles and many other networks are aimed at helping people socialize on the Internet. Apart from the special social network, the Internet offers a number of games which are also directed at communication. Either playing or communicating online people create their online personalities which may be different from their real ones.

However, communication online and business sphere are not the only advantages of the information technologies development. It should be stated that IT devices have made the life of many people easier and better. There is also a category of people who may consider the development of the information technologies as the only possibility to lead every day lives. Being individuals with neurological or mobility impairments, they managed to participate in academic, employment, recreation, and other activities using information technologies such as the mobile and the Internet connection (Burgstahler, Comden, Lee, Arnold, & Brown 2011). The availability and the ability to use such information devices make it possible for people with different types of disabilities to lead lives close to normal ones. Such people have an opportunity to study and to get work in the future. The Internet and the mobile connections allow people stay at home and work.

This is one of the main reasons why information technologies are really necessary for the mankind. Dwelling upon the use of the information technologies in the house holds, it is important to remember different online shops and services which make the life of house wives easier. Howe, people may stay at home and complete other tasks while an express delivers ordered product by means of the Internet. It is also possible to order supper either on the Internet or by means of the phone. Paying bills, getting different sorts of consultations and other specific services may be done either online or using the telephone connection. Therefore, it may be concluded that he Internet provides an essential support at house holds.

Remembering students of different levels, it should be mentioned that information technologies have made their life easier, more interesting and more efficient. Considering about the efficacy of the information technologies for students, several factors may be included. The first factor is the information access. Using the Internet, students get easier access to the information, they should not go to the library and stay there for days to find data for a report, for example. Using the Internet, students are able to find more data and work with it staying at home when it is convenient for them. The second factor is the time spent on search. Using the Internet students may find data faster than reading books in the library. While preparing the home tasks, students put the data in the computer and they may change and correct the files as they want (Hsiao, Tu, & Chung 2012). The samples and other helpful data also increase the efficacy of student work.

Even though the information technologies are really helpful in the everyday life, there are a number of disadvantages connected with the issue. First of all, people become more and more dependant on the information technologies. A day without the Internet or a mobile phone becomes a real disaster for people, they cannot live without such devices. Second, many people got used to online communication so much, that they are unable to talk to people eye-to-eye. They prefer using, mobile phone, Skype or another device to talk to others. Third, many people spend too much time online having forgotten that here is a real life. The social computing has become a disease for those who cannot restrict from online reality and to go for a walk. Finally, the information technologies bring too much information to people. They are unable to consider all the data they get online, therefore, they forget important things being overburdened with extra unnecessary data.

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