Information Technology and Business Transformation

I have widened my knowledge and skills in information technology systems (ITS). I now understand the relevance of IT in many business organizations. The course materials have increased my experience in information technology. Information technology is a wide practice that can promote and support the operations of many business organizations. A business organization that fails to use ITS might not realize its goals. Information technology is the cornerstone of every prosperous corporation (Murphy 2).

Information technology helps many companies execute their accounting practices. The technology also encourages the use of the internet for business communication. Managers are using IT resources to monitor their employees and stakeholders. The practice has improved the level of employees’ contribution in these corporations (Murphy 3). The course readings have widened my knowledge about the use and application of IT in every business function.

The increasingly competitive global market encourages every firm to use the best IT resources. Information technology helps many firms gather and store information. The corporations can use these systems to make the best business decisions. The use of IT resources changes the nature of every business process (Murphy 4). Technology is useful in every organization. The internet has made different practices such business management and online marketing successful.

The above practices will support my future business goals. I will use the best IT skills and resources in order to gather the best data and address the changing needs of my customers. I have understood why IT is becoming the center of business functions today. Planning becomes easier when the organization embraces the best information technologies (Murphy 3). The practice will make every business successful. Problem solving and decision-making will also become much easier with these IT systems. The use of IT is the first step towards a successful business performance.

The benefits of information technology are timeless. The practice promotes the level of business performance. Many companies are using IT resources to provide quality services to their customers. Every digitalized business benefits from its outsourcing options, staffing operations, and decision-making practices. Such companies are able to network their operations (Murphy 4).

The class materials explain why IT management is also critical. Managers should use the best ideas in order to support every information technology resources. A strategic approach will ensure every firm uses the best IT resources to transform its operations. I widened my IT skills after executing a critical project in my business. The company implemented the project in order to transform its Analogue Line to a modern IP Telephony. This organizational change would transform the firm and make it prosperous. The company executed the project in several phases. The process gave me a new opportunity to understand every IT development involved in this project. I was part of this team in order to make the project successful.

We also went to GITEX in order to evaluate its information technology (IT) solutions. The strategy ensured our company adopted the best IT practices. We also did a lot of benchmarking in order to make our business successful. I gained new IT skills from the exercise. My competencies will make my future practices and goals successful. I have also understood how to troubleshoot different software devices. I will improve my competencies in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Managers should consider every strategic approach in order to make their businesses successful.

The managers should address every organizational challenge affecting the effectiveness of these IT resources. I now understand how IT can make a business successful. Information technology promotes the best practices while addressing every challenge affecting the business (Murphy 5). The course materials will support my future business goals. The above practices will always make IT the best solution towards business success.

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