ABC Financial Company: Automated Data Storage

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Overview of the project/ Business Problem

ABC financial company has registered tremendous growth over the last five years of its operations. One of its fundamental steps recorded is the growth of its customer base, which has increased by approximately 65% since its inception. Due to these developments, the number of transactions has increased considerably.

The voluminous data that continue to grow poses enormous challenges to the existing data maintenance system developed during its establishment. The philosophy of the project is to provide a robust system capable of handling and sharing information across its various departments for proper strategic decision-making (Stair and Reynolds 283).

Project Benefits to the organization

The proposed project anticipates providing numerous benefits after its implementation and in the future. The project shall benefit the organization in achieving the following goals:

  • The system shall ensure the adequacy of customer information to facilitate objectivity in loan appraisal and provision and processing.
  • It shall reduce its costs of data capturing and storage through the integrated Business System (BIS).
  • The system shall offer securitized data storage accessible via password and user authentication.
  • The ability to share and integrate various systems will enhance information sharing for proper coordination among its departments (Stair and Reynolds 320).

Business solution approaches

The project utilizes the cloud computing technology approach in providing data solutions to the organization.

The Target audience

The project aims at improving the relationship between the company and its customers. Previously, the manual system did not allow an objective assessment of the customers due to its inability to integrate different customer information such as demographics, financial, and business ability (Stair and Reynolds 285).

Milestone 1

The problem facing the organization is the lack of adequate information regarding its customers, which contributes to the high cost of data collection. The acquisition of this system will improve turn-around time in the provision of services as well as reducing IT costs. Additionally, the system shall improve the sales and subsequently, the profitability of ABC.

The proposed solution to the problem is cloud computing, which shall enable the organization to store and control its data as it grows in volume. In this proposal, the paper seeks to demonstrate how the problem shall be solved using The CA 3Tera AppLogic Solution (Stair and Reynolds 283).

Milestone 2

Using the concept of cloud computing, the organization project endeavors to utilize the CA 3 Tera AppLogic solution. The solution best suits the organization since it does not bind the software with the hardware via virtual applications. The advantage of this solution lies in its ability to consume no resource when not in use.

The system is portable and independent of hardware installations. Additionally, it is an evolutionary system scalable concerning business needs (Stair and Reynolds 283). This shall reduce its resource usage while maximizing its already existing ones.

Project Implementation

To accomplish this task, the project proposes sourcing of funds necessary for its implementation. Internal as well as externally outsourced services from approved vendors shall serve to provide requisite personnel. Internally, the IT, customer service, and back-end staff shall be retained to facilitate its installation and piloting. The proposed system shall require migration from the current infrastructures to reorient the business to a new form of operation (Stair and Reynolds 287).


The technology shall enable ABC, its internal and external customers to provide and access information with less difficulty. This will ensure objectivity, secure information, and easy access. The cloud appliances shall aid to ensure limitless storage capacity with minimal resource utilization. The projected rollout plan anticipates taking 6 months from the commencement date. This includes piloting and actual utilization.

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