Internet Technologies and Their Use in Different Spheres of Life


In the modern era use of the internet has rapidly been increasing and new technologies are being developed to match the requirements of the daily business needs. To match the new developments new and innovative technologies are being introduced for and on the internet. Internet today has become a very dominant factor in every business needs, academies and also is being used in everyday life. Nowadays we can do business virtually anywhere due to the introduction of the latest technologies such as e-commerce and e-services. The era of this new technology started with the introduction of advertisements, news, which was followed by entertainment and different traditional businesses which includes retail sales, brokerage, and auctions. Different technologies are being developed which primarily revolves around the Internet, as it has been providing people with knowledge as well as opportunity to explore the internet world and grab all the knowledge which can support them in their daily life. The Internet has provided people with such fascinating features and developments which have not only stunned the people of the world but also the developers which are trying their utmost to help make this place a terminology to help people in their everyday life activities. Nowadays people can very easily be contacted by using instant messengers or through mails. Many people are of the point of view that it is much easier to contact them by mail rather than by phone. Students are also taking advantage of new technologies of the Internet. They do not search for academic books in the libraries rather prefer to use the web for their search. It gives them an edge as well as provides academics in abundance so that they can select the most appropriate for them (Milojicic, p. 1).

Different Technologies of Internet

There are different technologies which are being developed for the Internet, so that people can make use of it whenever they want to for their advantage in their daily requirements or needs. Different technologies of Internet are being discussed as below:


In today’s environment business is the prime need for all people. Due to such need Internet provided developed a new technology known as e-commerce, which provides business to customer and business to business transactions. Ecommerce is effectively used for providing information to the business about products which is used to make a business effective. It generally provides business to be set up on the Internet, which allows visitors to view the products and services offered. They can then easily search for the products that they require on the Internet without even going to the shopping malls or stores to buy products. Such developments have not only given new development strategies but also have provided easy shopping for people all over the world (What is E-commerce, p. 1).

Wireless Technology

Another technology in the field of the Internet is wireless technology which has provided users with easy access to the network in order to manage their files and organize them effectively. It is definitely a technology which has developed gradually but is a technology which can be enhanced to make it one of the biggest internet technologies, as it represents future of computers. Wireless technology has provided different advantages as well as disadvantages to people. The biggest advantage of wireless technology has been the elimination of cables. In an organization, a wireless network, Local Area Network (Lan) can be set up to provide users with easy access to all types of data on the Internet. The major disadvantage of wireless technology is that it has the potential to lose interference due to climatic conditions such as rain. This technology has gained popularity ever since it has been developed and nowadays wireless technology such as Wide Area Network (WAN) can establish networks from one part of the world to the other. In this way sufficient information can be shared and transmitted very quickly, effectively and efficiently. The equipment that is needed to build wireless technology includes network adapters (NICs), access points (APs), and routers (Mitchell, p. 1).

Communication Process

The most popular technology being introduced on the Internet is communication. It is a process that is being more widely used in today’s environment. Communication technology has helped people use different functions such as mails can very easily be sent, making calls to different parts of the world and also for the transactions of a business. Communicating in today’s environment due to Internet technology has spread new grounds for better communication technologies in the future. Previously people had to go to the post offices to post the mails, but with the introduction of communication technology on the Internet it is very easy for a person to send or even receive calls rapidly. Also it takes only a few minutes to send or receive mail rather than waiting for days after a mail was received. This has opened new doorsteps and different new technologies can be developed in near future to make this process more effective and efficient. By the communication technology, it has been also easier for a person to make calls to people situated in different parts of the world. People can make calls very cheaply due to which business process has rapidly been developing by passing on the information to other people in different parts of the world very quickly. Communication has opened up new fields in a business where people can easily communicate their business transactions. Moreover a person can save a lot of time by using this internet technology as compared to a person which travels from one part of the world to another while taking stress to buy a product. Internet technology of communication has rapidly been increasing providing different means to people to communicate (Internet Technology, p. 1).


Another technology that has been provided by the internet and is proving to be the very popular and useful one is streaming. Streaming is a technology that is provided by the internet and it allows the users to use the audio, video and all the multimedia files directly through the website without downloading the file into the computer first. In streaming, the multimedia files are first formatted and then are made available for the users over the streaming server. This internet technology has enabled the users to directly view the files just by clicking on the link. This technology has proven to be very useful and innovative. Apart from saved audio and video files; the streaming has also allowed viewing the live contents. The streaming media also allows multiuser in a single time. Hence it is a very beneficial technology provided by the internet (Mick, p. 1).


By deep analysis of the paper, we come to this conclusion that the technologies which are being introduced in the Internet world are of great use to the people. Nowadays people require faster means of communication, which has been provided by Internet technology. People all over the world are using the communication process to the best of their knowledge to achieve greater heights in society. Students which require academic books to satisfy their requirements to succeed in educational terms use the internet as a major source where they can find many academic books by different authors. Businesses are achieving greater highs due to new technologies being introduced. They can easily access Internet to satisfy their daily requirement for business. Sending and receiving mails is one of the examples which have provided them with the fastest means of communication. Wireless technology on the internet has provided people the advantage of sharing information with other networking groups. Also wireless technology has become so advanced that people can easily communicate and transmit information to different parts of the world. Also technology has helped to open up new businesses for and on internet to provide people easy ways to buy products without going shopping in malls. They can easily log on to different business sites which provide different products to satisfy the customer’s needs. So, in all, we can say that technologies have made major changes to the everyday life of people, in which they can use the internet to satisfy all their needs such as academic, business, and many more.

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