Technology’s Impact on the New Generation


The current world has undergone a diverse transformation because of advancements in technology. Most activities carried out in it require technological devices in order to be successful. For instance, the current education system in colleges and high schools depends almost entirely on technology. This is also evidenced by the apparatus used in the laboratories. Additionally, the students and tutors greatly rely on technological devices, such as computers and smart-phones in learning. Thus, it is evident that the topic “Impacts of Technology on New Generation” is crucial for research.

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Technology and relationships

Currently, most children relate very well among themselves because of the spirit of togetherness natured by technology. Invented software, such as computer games, brings children from different backgrounds together. This is also evidenced by the argument provided by most people we came across in our survey. According to most people, many children spent much of their time twitting or texting. For instance, our survey showed that the children of ages between 12 and 17 sent over 100 text messages per day.

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Technology and ways of thinking

Technology has the potential of changing the way young children think and solve issues. It has also the potential of changing the way peers, adults, and children interact with each other. This is evidenced by the argument provided by the majority of the people that took part in our survey. According to many people, the time spent by children on computers can influence their mode of thinking and learning. For instance, the majority of them argued that children used visual cues to understand complicated things in life. Children with emotional disabilities have also been found to use computers with much ease.


Technology and ways of working

Compared to the old generation, the new generation has completely different ways of working. Unlike the old generation, the new generation loves teamwork. From our research, it is also evident that the new generation is more creative and quick in thinking than the old generation. This is evidenced by their invention of diverse technological devices. The majority of the young generation uses technology in almost all their activities in order to avoid spending much time in offices.

Technology and education

According to our survey, it is evident that technology hampers the attention of learners. Most of the people that participated in our survey argued that most students lost focus as a result of using devices, such as computers and video games. According to the argument provided by most of them, it is evident that technology impairs an individual’s behavior and brain.

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10 5 3 2 0

Impacts of technology on jobs

Advancement in technology has contributed significantly to job destruction. According to our survey, the introduction of robots and software has contributed to the replacement of most people in organizations of specific industries, such as automotive manufacturing. Additionally, there is the possibility of technology to eliminate the need for most jobs in the future.

Technology and ways of dressing

Technology has also influenced most people’s manner of dressing. According to our survey, social media and Facebook impact the way people dress in current societies. Most people in the new generation love mimicking what other people do in different countries. Additionally, technology has contributed to the emergence of new designs of clothes that are loved by the new generation.

Technology and society structure

According to our survey, the new generation in many countries has the potential of changing family structures and relationships. For instance, most people believe that technology will contribute to most people disregarding marriages for cohabitation. There is also a great possibility for not only many children being born outside marriages, but also for a significant increase in the rate of divorces.

Technology and innovativeness

The new generation is also prone to lose of innovativeness. This is as a result of overdependence on technology. According to our survey, over 70% of the current generation relies directly on the technology of all activities they do. Unlike in the past, technology has led to most people becoming incompetent in society; it has led to the fact that many people do not come up with new ideas.

Technology and innovativeness

Impacts of technology on lifestyle

Despite technology contributing to the success of human life, it is evident that most people have become slaves of technology. People love having something electronic in their hands. Thus, technology has forced people to bypass the normal expectations of the world for the sake of digital facets. According to our survey, most parts of accidents also happen as a result of technology. For instance, frequently, people indulge in texting while driving.


It is fair to conclude that technology has a great influence on the lives of the new generation. It has the ability to make life easier. It has also the potential of uniting children via video games and social media. However, its negative impacts outweigh its advantages in the new generation. For instance, it can lead to the loss of innovativeness, lives, and traditional family structures. It can also influence the way people dress in different societies and encourage the loss of jobs. In addition, technology can affect the manner due to which knowledge is passed in schools.

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Technology’s Impact on the New Generation
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