Technology and Media for Students and Children


There are great challenges defining what media and technology means. Media in some cases is defined as a form of communication as in print versus visuals like videos. Also it can be defined as an industry that provides news and entertainment as in the media. Here media is defined as all means of communication whatever the type that comprises of print, audio, motion pictures and graphics. Basically, Technology is defined as the use of scientific methods in solving problems like use of technology in surgery. Also technology can be defined as the processes which represent knowledge or skills within a culture. Here we define technology as a process that can be used to convey media which may include books, television, internet and books (Buckingham 2007).

Advantages of media and technology to students and children

  • Educational:
  • To students.

Media and technology play an important role in education. They have a capability of working as tutors when the student is exposed to teaching aids like videos, sound clips and online assignments with multiple choices which have answers which make students to work independently. Use of technology in classroom can incline the student’s understanding especially on those lessons which are hard to explain or demonstrated by the teacher. Technology is reliefs with students with special needs to enable them compete with other normal students in class (Livingstone and Bovill 2001).

To children

Computers technology help children to control their pace of learning and experience and provide them with options to choose challenges with they are comfortable with especially during praying games. Computers and other technology especially those with visual effects fascinate children so much and can easily draw their attention resulting in deeper focus of their senses and concentration in order to extract information. They enable children to be creative by drawing, building forts, painting just the same way they could learn this manually which increases their knowledge and understanding. As they master computers they start to appreciate technology which they will embrace for the rest of their life (Buckingham 2007).

Presence of educational software enable children to learn and develop fundamental can help them learn letters, colors, world map, calculations, problem solving techniques and creative expression. Computers are a source of self confidence and self esteem and a reason to smile as they master the computer skills. Technology and media is a source of help especially for children with special need especially those with speech, audio problems sine computers come with devices to enable this children do things which they couldn’t have done in normal conditions (Livingstone and Bovill 2001).

Communication purposes

Man is a social being who needs to talk and communicate with other people. Technology and media especially the internet, has reduced the size of the world into a global village this has helped the young generation especially the students and children to communicate and make friends regardless of their geographical locations in order to share thoughts and explore other cultures of different societies. Especially through the network communities available in the internet like face book and twitter where Students can easily share burning issues using technology without much fear (Livingstone and Bovill 2001).


Technology especially internet provide cheap and quality online services like banking, job seeking, ticket purchasing especially for sports. Guidance and counseling services which are available online help students with solutions of questions which they may shy discussing face to face with their seniors (Buckingham 2007).


Modern technologies have become a source of entertainment. Internet has become the chief source of latest online music, movies and games which can be down loaded for free also chat rooms and other social networks sites like facebook and twitter provide great entertainment opportunities to the youth. Televisions also air programs including movies, songs and sports which are a source of entertainment to the children and the youths (Livingstone and Bovill 2001).

Disadvantages of technology and media to students and children


Pornography is the greatest treat to children’s mental health which is a grave issue concerning technology and media especially the internet with numerous obscene sites which are accessible freely also the modern programs aired on the televisions contain a lot of obscene programs especially movies and advertisements which use sex as means to captivate the crowd. Some materials in technology and media may contain violent behaviors and other obscene languages which will really have a negative effect on children and student at large (Buckingham 2007).


Use of technology by students in learning can make students very lazy. They opt for technology even to those things which they can do without it especially simple calculation. Over use of technology can lead to early age addiction especially to children and thus deform their natural health life (Livingstone and Bovill 2001).

Antisocial behavior

Nowadays children and students are exposed to many technologies which are enticing and hence they spend most of their times on this technologies making them anti social due to undeveloped interaction and communication skills. Children may tend to copy some characters from the scenes they watch making them society miscreants.

Software which is not of children’s age may cause frustration to children and develop negative attitude to computers and technology (Buckingham 2007).

Health problems

Too much exposure to health may have effect on children’s health especially over exposure to computer screens. Also too much exposure may cause physical problems to students due to their sitting behavior and thus deformation of some body parts (Livingstone and Bovill 2001).


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