Innovation Arabia Conference: Digital Transformation


This paper will discuss a presentation that was developed by Innovation Arabia – 11. It was revealed during the annual conference that was held on 11-13 March. Its creators wanted to encourage the Arab World to use information and communication technologies (ICT), emphasizing that they can benefit the country significantly with the ability to reach digital transformation.

Innovation Arabia

Due to technological development, the digital economy became widely discussed. Businesses that want to reach sustainable development and growth need to pay much attention to it. Representatives of Innovation Arabia believe that ICT should be used to reach this goal. This recommendation is supported by the fact that ICT plans used by 170 countries can increase productivity by 20% by 2025, having positive influences on GPD.

In particular, entrepreneurs are encouraged to analyze digital transformation in the industry and align their actions with the observed alterations. Possible technological improvements should be considered in advance, as well as opportunities for industry collaboration because they can resolve clients’ challenges most effectively and efficiently. For instance, a partnership with Huawei is believed to be rather advantageous.

Digital transformation can benefit clients in several ways. First of all, it allows using Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning that make Predictive Maintenance possible. As a result, organizations can find solutions to problems faced by their customers even before they occur. Real-time information can be obtained to understand operations better. Finally, interactive and personalized services will increase customer satisfaction.

In this way, ICT can be used for elevators and escalators, as they can be controlled by applications with information stored in cloud services. Technology allows developing a closed-loop platform that connects equipment, clients, and passengers with technicians. The transformation of Schindler can provide this company with new opportunities to enhance its efficiency, productivity, and revenue. IT and OT rationalization, operational excellence, and leading-edge digital business should be in focus.

The Arab World can make a significant step forward if it follows the trend of Yanbu smart city. In this framework, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) services is expected to improve internal operational efficiency and the solution/service competitiveness. Big Data and the cloud are critical here because they allow developing a Blockchain database that exists on several computers that belong to one network.

With its help, clients will receive an opportunity to trace back all products and even to identify what is the origin of their raw materials. This option is likely to benefit the food industry and to enhance the management of the supply chain, as all information about the product can be easily obtained in real-time. What is more critical, Big Data can be used to improve retail, telecom, healthcare, and public security. For instance, if a child is lost, one can be found with the help of video analysis in a short period.

The cloud, in its turn, also appears to be extremely useful. For instance, it allows managing of high-energy physics research conducted by CERN. In particular, it enhances network access and elasticity, makes on-demand self-service not only possible but also measurable, and improves resource pooling. In this way, businesses that utilize the cloud can avoid time-consuming implementation, predict costs, balance ROI, and develop scalability.


Thus, creating numerous partnerships, Huawei is expected to organize one of the greatest clouds in the world. 5G, Big Data, Blockchain, and AI are those elements that should also be considered when focusing on digital transformation. The ecosystem curation service delivery model should be used to reach the digital economy. All in all, an opportunity to alter social life for the better will be obtained.

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