Creative Research Papers on Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe is considered to be one of the oddest American writers. His detective stories are about darkness, death, and mystery. What is more, a lot of them are based on personal experiences of Poe.

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Definitely, one of Poe’s works can be the main idea of your research paper on Edgar Allen Poe. However, a mere analysis of a certain book seems to be so boring. It will not make your Edgar Allen Poe research paper stand out.

Yet, we know how to write a good research paper on Edgar Allen Poe. All you have to do is imagine yourself as … Edgar Allen Poe during different periods of his life.

Basically, your research paper on Edgar Allen Poe will be devoted to the biography of the writer. However, you will be able to focus on particular periods of his life and write your research paper on Edgar Allen Poe in a creative way.

You are a young Edgar Poe

“I was born on a cold winter day, January 19, in Boston. Although I do not remember my mom, I know she was an amazing woman. She was an actress. My mom died two years after I was born, and the family of John Allen took me to them”.

So, your research paper on Edgar Allen Poe can be done in this narrative form, telling about the early years of the writer.

You are a well-known writer

So, you are Edgar Allen Poe, a famous writer. Now, you think of creating another masterpiece of yours. What is it going to be about? What techniques will you use to write it?

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To get all the necessary details, you will just have to discuss one of the Poe’s works. Thus, in your research paper on Edgar Allen Poe, you will show the understanding of a certain work.

Last three years of your life

You are going to tell about the hardest years. Your wife has died recently. You started drinking. What other problems did you have?

As you can guess, the research paper on Edgar Allen Poe will be devoted to the last years of his life. You can also add a few words devoted to the mystery of his death.

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