Free Guidelines on How to Critique Research Papers

What was your first thought when you got the task to critique a research paper? “Finally, I have a chance to tell everything that I think about Mary’s/Brian’s/… research and thinking abilities. My attack will be merciless but fair! Ha-ha-ha…”

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If this is what you think about a research paper critique, we have to say that you take this task too seriously. Yes, you have to talk about possible shortages and drawbacks of someone’s work. Yet, it has nothing to do with merciless attacks and “personal issues.”

Then, let us explain you something about a real research paper critique!

There are several significant points that we should discuss before providing you with guidelines on how to critique research papers.

  1. You have to understand the gist of a research paper critique. It will be subjective writing, which is mostly about your personal opinion. Yet, you do not have to stay too focused on your opinion while critiquing research papers. Your major purpose is to point out mistakes and shortcomings and suggest your ways of eliminating them.
  2. You have to understand the subject of the paper. So, if it is not actually familiar to you, consult encyclopedias or dictionaries before you critique a research paper.

What are other significant aspects that you need to take into account when making a research paper critique?

  • The author’s thesis. Is it clearly stated? Does it help to understand what the paper will be about?
  • The main subject. Is it well investigated? What does the author tell about it in the literature review section?
  • Methods. Did the author choose the right methods of investigation? Do they help to answer the question stated in the hypothesis?
  • Results. Did the author manage to get the expected results?

These points are essential in the research paper critique you are going to write.

Do you know the difference between a qualitative research paper and quantitative research paper? You can check it out on our blog.

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