Literature Based Research Papers: Several Starting Points for You

Do you hear about a literature based research paper for the first time? Do you urgently need some explanations, because it is another task from your teacher that you have to complete? Well, do not panic. First, there is actually nothing special about writing literature based research papers. Second, our writers have already prepared some pointers for you on how to get this paper done. So, we begin.

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The gist of a literature based research paper

Everything is simple. Literature based research is what your paper will be based on. In its turn, literature based research is based on literary works that you have to find, study, and analyze.

Steps in completing literature based research papers

We have already mentioned that there is nothing special about writing literature based research papers. Do you know why? Because if you can write traditional research papers well and know what steps should be taken, you will not have problems with your literature based research paper either. Anyway, these are the steps to be taken:

  1. Formulate a problem;
  2. Define suitable research strategies;
  3. Collect sources;
  4. Study, analyze, and evaluate them;
  5. Write your literature based research paper.

Keys to writing effective literature based research papers

Basically, there are two major keys to preparing high-quality literature based research papers.

  • Your awareness of how to use library. If you do not know how to use all the library tools and benefit from them, most likely it will be hard for you to complete your literature based research paper.
  • Your awareness of various citation styles. Since you will use a lot of works and ideas of other authors, you will have to acknowledge them in your work using the appropriate citation style.

We can also explain you how to critique a research paper or make a quantitative research paper.

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