PhD Dissertation Proposal: Specific Guidelines for Writing

Writing PhD dissertation proposals, students should be aware of the information that they may spend much time and effort before handing in a paper. We decided to provide students with the specific information on PhD dissertation proposal writing.

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With the purpose to give students the most necessary and credible information, we conducted a research and asked for consultation about the problem how PhD dissertation proposals should be written. The professional writers who deal with such tasks every day agreed to share their personal experience and introduced us with their knowledge. We, in turn, want to deliver their message to students who try to cope with the task now.

Guide for writing PhD dissertation proposals

  1. Students should conduct a research and check the topic they want to discuss. It is necessary to understand whether the topic is widespread or not, whether there was any discussion or not and it is going to be a student’s original research.
  2. Students should check the structure of their PhD dissertation proposals. It is significant to remember that the major parts of PhD dissertation proposal are the introduction, the problem statement, the literature review, the methodology, the outcomes and significance, the timelines, the figures or tables, if necessary, and the bibliography.
  3. Then, students should conceptually divide 20 pages of the PhD dissertation proposal (the required norm) and consider how may pages each part is going to cover.
  4. It is significant to start from the literature review. While research students may change something in their thesis and continue PhD dissertation proposal writing on a different topic.
  5. When the PhD dissertation proposal is ready, students should give a graft to their advisor. He/she should check and support it with comments. Now, a student should print it and hand in. Good luck!
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