Research Paper Questions: How to Develop a Good One

Developing a term paper question or a research paper question is one of the main stages of the writing process. Basically, a term paper or a research paper question explains the purpose of making the project itself.

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Creating a good question for a research paper might be tricky. If you are stuck at this stage, check our tips on how to develop research paper questions.

Start with brainstorming

Before you will be able to develop a good research paper question, you need to brainstorm and answer some general questions.

  • What important questions are related to my topic? What areas require further investigation?
  • Will my research contribute to better understanding of the chosen topic?
  • Will my research improve and refine previous research done on the topic?

Brainstorming will help to define the general direction of your research paper question, realize whether the question is worth answering. 

From general to specific questions

The next step after brainstorming is narrowing down your research paper question. General research paper questions that usually answer “why” and “how” questions are not that bad. However, giving an answer to such research paper questions might take you too much time. Besides, the paper itself will lack focus, which will make it harder to understand. 

So, how can you narrow down your research paper question? First, it is better to start with a topic. The thing is that if you deal with a familiar topic, you can ask more specific questions about it. If you do not have a chance to cover a familiar issue, research it before developing your research paper question.

After researching, make a list of all questions you can think of. Then, evaluate each question according to the following criteria:

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  • Information you will need to answer it, e.g. statistics, eyewitness reviews, etc.;
  • Availability of sources;
  • Additional tools, materials necessary to answer the question.

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