97 Crime Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Crime Research Papers Examples

  1. Why Does Crime Require Punishment?
    The law defines a crime as an act or intention to commit the act that is against the laid down moral standards for which the victim can be convicted.
  2. Internet Crime
    This paper will set out to argue that the legal and illegal access to personal information made possible by the internet has led to a huge rise in online crime.
  3. Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice
    It is safe to say that wrongful convictions are directly dependent on the attitudes of police officers and their probable misconduct.
  4. US Crime Recording Methods and Their Implications
    There are three key methods of crime recording – National Incident-based Reporting System (NIBRS), National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), and self-report surveys.
  5. Marijuana Legalization and Its Impact on Crime Rates
    This paper analyzes the health effects of marijuana and studies the influence of its legalization on crime in the United States.
  6. Individual and Social Theories in Explanation for Crime
    The problem of crime is one of the constant problems which attract attention of researchers. Great influence on the theory of crime was made by the Belgian scientist Adolphe Jacques Quetelet.
  7. Organized Crime in Japan, China, Russia, and Mexico
    This paper describes and compares the organizational criminal groups in Japan, China, Russia and Mexico, their structure and type of activity.
  8. Crime and Its Influence on Gun Control Laws
    The possession of guns in the United States has recently been rising and this can be attributed to the rising crime rates in the country.
  9. Financial Cost of Crime to Society
    This paper will throw light upon the financial cost of crime to society and it will also focus upon the implications that the criminal faces after committing the crime.
  10. China's Legal System: Crime and Punishment
    The legal system creates institutions which help to settle disputes arising as a result of the scarcity of resources as people or institutions fight over the scarce resources.
  11. Death Penalty On Violent Crime in the USA
    The paper will discuss the effects of the death penalty on violent crime in the United States of America and will give its opinion regarding the effectiveness of the death penalty.
  12. Poverty or Low Income as a Cause of Crime
    Debates about causes of crime have been raging on and they revolve around economic models of causation that deal with the utility of crime.
  13. Computer Crimes: Viewing the Future
    Computer forensic methods are always pursuing the goal of discovering new ways of collecting and examining the evidence.

🏆 Best Crime Essay Titles

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  1. Transnational Organized Crime
    There is no common definition of the term organized crime with different legal institutions defining it differently.
  2. Personal Crimes Analysis
    Personal crimes are crimes against humanity. They take different forms; there are those that are intentional by the culprit, and others are out of a mere accident.
  3. Crime Theories and Countermeasures
    This discussion explores the various theories that try to explain crime, the factors that lead to criminality, and the measures that should be employed to mitigate highlighted.
  4. International Association of Crime Analysts
    The International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) undertakes several crime related projects and provides reports of these projects on its website.
  5. Personal Perception of Organized Crime
    Organized crime can be described as a group of people, whether employed or non-employed, who make money through illegal activities.
  6. White-Collar Crime: Fiduciary Fraud
    White-collar crimes are crimes that affluent people commit in society due to their position of influence or occupation.
  7. The Role of Police in Crime Prevention
    The role of police can be defined within a community-level crime prevention program whereby police officers work as partners with a community.
  8. Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) and Crime Statistics
    Uniform Crime Reports, are a series of important data for police departments aimed at tracking the statistics and numerical data that affect the accuracy of crime investigation.
  9. Computer Forensics: Crime Investigation
    The main goal of computer forensics is the discovery of evidence in a lawful manner, the recovered information can then be used in a court of law against a suspected offender.
  10. DNA and Crime Investigation or Forensic Evidence
    While there has been notable success in criminal investigation matters, it seems most likely that, many people in this world have been convicted of crimes they did not commit.
  11. Organized Crime and Its Changing Nature
    The paper looks at the metamorphosing nature of organized criminals, their activities and the implications of organized crime on communities.
  12. Separation of Powers in Criminal Justice System to Safeguard Suspects’ Rights
    Division of powers between the institutions is an important feature of the criminal justice system in democratic societies.
  13. DNA Evidence and Its Role in Criminal Investigations
    The use of DNA evidence in the investigation of crimes in America dates back to 1987. This research assesses the evolution of DNA evidence and its effect on investigating crimes.

💡 Essay Ideas on Crime

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  1. Fundamental Personal Values, the Country’s Crime Rate, and the Fear of Crime
  2. Capital Punishment and Its Failure to Deterring Crime
  3. Four Films and Their Portrayal of Crime and Judicial Procedures
  4. Forensic Serology and Crime Scene Investigation
  5. Campus Crime: City Influenced or Student Provoked
  6. Female Crime Rate and Demographics of Female Offenders
  7. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth: Not Partners in Crime
  8. Capital Punishment Crime Deterrence
  9. Environmental Fact Criminal Crime Behavior
  10. Environment, Crime, and Disease in Iran
  11. General Procedures for Reporting a Crime or Emergency
  12. Barbara Bergmann and Steven Levitt’s Views on Crime Rates
  13. Education and Employment Crime Problems Today
  14. Guns and Crime: The Rise of Crimes in America
  15. Good Governance and Crime Rates in Malaysia
  16. Gender and Crime Motor Vehicle Theft
  17. Forensic Techniques for Wildlife Crime
  18. Factors Affecting the Presence of Crime in Inner Cities of America
  19. Forensic Scientists and Crime Scene Investigators
  20. Evaluation and Evidence-Led Crime Reduction Policy and Practice
  21. Biosocial Criminology and Modern Crime Prevention
  22. Basic Requirements Enter Organized Crime
  23. Media and Crime Perceptions: Evidence From Mexico
  24. Casual Police Corruption and the Economics of Crime
  25. Biological and Psychological Explanations of Crime
  26. Challenges for Measuring Fear of Crime
  27. Bernard Madoff and White-Collar Crime
  28. General Crime Issues and Foreign Policy
  29. Capital Punishment: Morally Acceptable and Effective Crime Deterrent
  30. Gun Control and Crime in the Black Community
  31. Economic Crime and Punishment in North Korea
  32. Gang Violence and Juvenile Crime Prevention Act
  33. Lead Exposure and Violent Crime in the Early Twentieth Century
  34. Gun Control: Keeping Crime and Violence at Bay in America
  35. Earl Richard Quinney and the Black Collar Crime
  36. Camden Crime Rate and Crime Rates
  37. Challenges for Preventing Cyber Crime
  38. Canadian Aboriginal Peoples Crime and Culture
  39. Gun Availability and the Violent Crime Rate
  40. Environmental Criminology and Crime

❓ Crime Research Questions

  1. How Do Crime Scene Investigations Aid in Prosecution?
  2. What Crime Affects One to Four Women in the United States?
  3. What Factors Influence the Propensity of Young People to Commit Crime?
  4. How Does Crime Affect Economic Performance?
  5. Does Child Labor Reduce Youth Crime?
  6. Does Capital Punishment Make a Difference in Lessening Crime?
  7. How Does Globalization Impact Crime and Victimisation?
  8. How Crime and Deviance Can Be Seen as Functional for Society?
  9. Does Gun Control Actually Control Crime?
  10. Does Legal Cynicism Truly Have an Impact on Crime Rates?
  11. How Did American White Collar Crime Transform?
  12. How Accurate Are Stereotypical Crime Movies?
  13. Does Increasing Compulsory Education Decrease or Displace Adolescent Crime?
  14. Can the Police Reduce Crime?
  15. Does Curfews Prevent Juvenile Crime?
  16. Does Illiteracy Affect Crime and Poverty Rates?
  17. How Crime Affects the Community?
  18. How Crime and Punishment Were Handled in the Roman Era?
  19. Does Crime Affect Employment Status?
  20. How Accurate Are Official Crime Statistics?
  21. Does Incarceration Help Reduce Crime in the U.S.?
  22. How Does Criminology Help Our Understanding of Crime and Criminals?
  23. Does Capital Punishment Deter Crime?
  24. How Did Alcohol Prohibition Lead To Crime?
  25. What Makes Modern Slavery the Horrible Crime It Is Today?
  26. Does Islam Deter Crime in a Secular Islamic Country?
  27. How Can Social Science Theory Help Reduce Crime?
  28. Does Drug Use Cause Crime, or Does Crime Cause Drug Use?
  29. Does Capital Punishment Reduce Crime?
  30. Does Gun Control Lower Crime Rates?
  31. Can Punitive Measures Curtail Crime?

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