Psychology Term Papers: Creating an Effective Introduction

Presenting the Case Specifics in your Psychology Term Paper

In the first paragraph of your term paper in psychology you need present the case specifics of the topic you are attempting to tackle. This comes in the form of presenting the individual or event that occurred, what type of abnormal reaction was noted and how did this differ from previous situations or other behaviors displayed by the patient/ patients.
You cannot just introduce the topic, you have to be septic in what type of abnormal behavior was displayed and as such this can come in the form of a quantitative analysis where the initial paragraph of your term paper can have a list of problems and their corresponding psychological evaluations. This section acts as brief summary of what to expect in the rest of the paper and as such it is important to be eloquent and direct to the point.

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Giving a Brief Diagnosis of the Case Specifics in your Psychology Term Paper

The second paragraph of the introduction section of term papers in psychology must contain a brief diagnosis of the event or individual that is being examined. This means creating a distinct comparison between normal and abnormal behavior as well as comparing the case specifics to other similar events/individuals that have been examined and determining whether there is a similar correlation between the two.
This is a particularly important section for your term paper since it determines how the body of the paper will proceed in terms of comparing specific case examples, behavioral patterns as well as subsequent data sets that will be utilized in justifying the argument that the writer will pursue in the body of the paper.

Introducing the type of Theory to be Utilized Psychology Term Papers

In the third paragraph and last section of the introduction in your term paper it is important to indicate what precise theory will be utilized in the body of the paper as a means of centering the arguments under a particular point of view. The reason for indicating this early on is due to the fact that it makes it far easier for readers to discern the ideas that are being presented and why you are presenting them in this particular way when you indicate what precise theory you are utilizing.
Not only that, this section of psychology term papers must also inform readers as to the precise method utilized in forming arguments and presenting the data which in turn helps readers to better understand how the theory combines with the arguments in order to create an effective means of presenting the point that the writer is trying to get across.

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