Chinese Culture and Cross-Cultural Communication


This report seeks to answer several questions with regard to cross-cultural communication. The following questions will be answered in a broad discussion.

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  1. What is cross-cultural communication, and how does it affect members in a particular society, in this case, China?
  2. How does cross-cultural communication affect the current generation with regard to the current globalization?
  3. What are the effects of cross-cultural communication on different aspects of life, such as business, health services, education, politics, etc.?
  4. What are the main principles in cross-cultural communication?

In addition, the specific effects of cross-cultural communication on life will be outlined and broadly discussed. This will enable the readers to understand cross-cultural communication in a deeper perspective. This outline seeks to layout a discussion that will explore three major aspects of the Chinese culture, which include stereotyping, hybridization, and politics of encounter.


The focus on this research in regard to stereotyping will be the 1990s to 2000s. This research will be focusing on the events that happened during this period of time. A woman’s role in society is a vital aspect of the cultural analysis of a given geographical location. In such an analysis, one has to find out the limitations of women in society, their contribution to leadership, and their access to funding for their empowerment. In China, there are different cultural stereotypes. For instance, women are thought to be less important in society. Another dominant stereotype is the notion that the Chinese people are of a single ethnicity. In addition, everything that is produced in China is seen as a counterfeit and of low quality. The Chinese are also said to eat anything that moves in addition to looking alike.


China is known for hybridization owing to its global technological supremacy. The Chinese are leading in the world of genetic technology, especially in agribusiness. In the country, most of the things are a mixture of two or more different objects. It includes the automobile industry as well. The automobile industry has produced several hybrid vehicles that are already in the market.

Politics of encounter

Interaction between people from different cultural backgrounds in China, including foreigners’ experience in the country, will be discussed in this report. It will include the limitations experienced by people from different cultural backgrounds in the country in:

  1. Setting up a business.
  2. Employment.
  3. Enrolling for college.
  4. Engaging in political activities and leadership.

This research will be carried out within a period of one week. One week will allow sufficient time for efficient and thorough research. This time frame was chosen considering the preparations needed in order to be ready for the study.


The geographical location used in this study is China, and the report will be identifying;

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  1. Cross-cultural aspects of the different spheres of life in China.
  2. The effects of Cross-cultural communication on politics.
  3. The effects of Cross-cultural communication on business environments.
  4. The effects of Cross-cultural communication on the health services industry.
  5. The effects of Cross-cultural communication on education/schools.
  6. The effects of Cross-cultural communication on international trade.
  7. The effects of Cross-cultural communication on international and diplomatic relations.


Other cultural differences that will be analyzed in this report include stereotyping in China and the region at large. This will help us to understand the interaction between the different cultures in the country. China has a world-class economy, and this has led to the establishment of different Western multinational corporations in the country, hence enhancing cultural diversity.

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