African Americans Issues in the US


The two texts discuss African Americans and the issues they face in modern American society. This response paper will analyse the two texts regarding issues that relate to African Americans in the US.


Cashmere observes that many African Americans do not agree on the most appropriate term that should be used to identify them. Many prefer to be called black because it is more representative of their race than African American. First and second generation immigrants prefer to be called black. These are people who came to the US from Jamaica, Nigeria, Haiti and Puerto Rico. They feel that the term African American applies to descendants of slaves in the US and does not properly identify them. The author reveals how race relations have not improved despite the progress made by the civil rights movement.

The text highlights the problem of poor race relations in the US as shown through racial harassment and violence. There is also an increase in the number of racial hate groups formed in various parts of the country. The author emphasises that even though race relations are not cordial, the situation of many black people in the US has improved. The cities of New York, Chicago and Boston elected their first black mayors ever in the 1980’s.

The author reveals that blacks have become more active in politics than ever before. They are more willing to participate in public affairs. The author asserts that blacks will continue to have a big impact on electoral politics in the future.

Levinson and Ember focus on issues African Americans have experienced since the days of slavery. The literature reveals the forced immigration of Negroes into the US and the impact this had on American society. The authors delve into the inferior status blacks have been accorded ever since even after the abolishment of slavery. They point out the Jim Crow Laws that segregated against blacks in the south which led to a large exodus of blacks to northern cities.

They reveal how the exodus caused disquiet in many neighbourhoods leading to race riots. The text highlights the impact of the civil rights movement in the 1960’s and how it brought about racial emancipation in the country. The authors argue that black churches play a prominent role in improving the welfare of many blacks. Churches have strong social programs that uplift the wellbeing of many blacks in their communities.


There has been an increase in middle class black families. However, more whites prefer living in the suburbs than in metropolitan areas of major cities. Many blacks prefer to live in metropolitan areas of major cities. Many neighborhoods are either distinctly white or black. This is an eye-opener about the problems race integration continues to face in the country. The text reveals that many blacks do not have adequate employment opportunities. As a result, they have low incomes compared to whites. This has consigned poorly educated blacks to poverty and crime. Many black children are raised in single parent households, which are mostly headed by women.

Many young black men do not have father figures to look up to while they are growing up. They resort to crime because their low levels of education limit their ability to get good jobs. As a result, young black men do not understand the role they are supposed to play in the society. The authors manage to provide a thorough analysis of issues which blacks are facing.

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