Airbus Company Advertising Types


The purpose of this report was to analyze the airbus company, considering the 4ps of marketing and how advertisement has improved their business and the future expectations of the company’s reliance on advertisement. It is important to consider the customer and the company trends towards the company services. The information will be collected from secondary materials such as the company’s past records, articles, and the websites. The report assumes that the company has already developed, designed its markets for today and future variants, and has a stable market position due to advertisement of its products (Fill 2002, p.415).

In this report, the company will be discussed on the use of physical and digital advertisement and sales promotions to their products, place, promotion, and price and the importance of advertisement to the company.


Airbus Company was developed by a group of engineers in view of improving aircraft standards and affordability. It comprises of the single aisle A320 family, the wide-body long-range A330/ A340 FAMILY, A350 XWB family and the ultra long range double decked A380 family. It is the leading aircraft manufacturer with the most modern and comprehensive aircraft (Ekahitanonda 1995, par. 1).

It develops technology based on commercial aircraft of fly by wire and introduction of composite materials. Since its formation, the company has brought innovation solutions to improve the economic efficiency and environment performance of commercial aviation. It has helped its customers to provide safe airbus fights leading to customer satisfaction of their customers thus improving their customers’ revenue and turn-over (Malaval 2002, p. 216).

The company has enrolled three thousand experts in engineering to train the personnel and upgrade the aircrafts. There are also hundreds of specialists to assist and advise the airbus customers daily all week round. It has two hundred and ninety customer care agents stationed around the globe in over one hundred and fifty cities located close to the airlines and a global system of support and teaching stations and spare stores in Toulouse, Washington D.C., and Beijing (Spreen 2007,p. 98).


The company has succeeded in becoming the leading incorporation with the outside world through its efforts on advertisement. The company spends millions of money on advertising its products and services, which include commercial airplanes, and space technologies defense aircraft systems. Their advertisement is mainly through corporate commercial televisions and radio programs, which are famous and widely used by the people in the target market. During their advertisement, they pass striking and legible messages and information to their viewers and listeners. They choose mass advertising through the television, radio, and national press as a primary means of communicating with a large number of customers (Ekahitanonda 1995, par. 1).

Their sales force plays a key role in selling the company’s products and services since they deal with few customers and not the general public. They conduct trade fairs and exhibitions supported by mainly advertising in specialist journals and trade publications. They are designed in a way to elicit some action response prompting trial purchase of a new or buying a product in order to participate in enjoying the product or service. Their prices against the product are described in the photographs and videos they provide in the internet and websites. The company has tried to match the quality of the product with the price by innovating new improved quality products at low operational costs meaning that the prices are also low (Fill 2002, p. 432).

The company has also diversified its market places by connecting itself with communities through participation in communal activities. Their great devotion has created a good relationship with the outside world and the government. They seek to attract as many customers as possible from a broad spectrum of the population. The company has also sponsored students all over the world in education to increase and motivate their shareholders who consequently improve their market and international relations. The company uses advertising to promote the organization and create a strong corporate image (Baker 2000, p. 356).

The company uses magazines to attract passengers by providing a view of their great, shiny and new planes. The company benefits from the type of attraction that is perceived as being more genuine and impartial. However, some of the customers complain of the company exaggerating their planes leading to dissonance and satisfaction of their customers. The company offers free gifts of small electronic planes to customers or their children to stimulate the attraction of customers and maintain interests in the established ranks (Ekahitanonda 1995, par.1).

It is sometimes argued that effective market offering of the right product, service at the right time, price, and place to meet target customers needs and wants does not require extensive advertisement as the products, or services sell themselves. The truth is that advertisement plays an important role in informing, indicating, persuading, and reminding customers of their products or services. Advertisement is a continuous process always open to be adjusted when need arises (Benfari 1995, p. 36).


Advertisement is a mode of publicity transmitted through a wide range of media. The advertiser has control over what is to be transmitted. Advertising is non personal and involves mass media communication of messages to a large number of people at the same time. Although company advertising expenditures can be very high, the cost of reaching a vast number of people is often far cheaper. It also plays a role in differentiating and positioning thus playing an extremely powerful tool for developing a strong brand or organizational image for the company. Communication programs are clearly identified with a particular organization image or a certain type of product. Advertising is the key to marketing mix elements most likely to be passed to the outside experts.


The advertising agents and buying processes success depends on a mix of creativity and careful planning and scheduling in order to communicate the right message through the most effective medium. The success of the advertising campaigns should depend on the selection of the right combination of media to maximize coverage and frequency cost effectively and within the required budget.

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