How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Businesses

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) allows businesses to use resources more efficiently and find more correct solutions in difficult situations. The application of AI can bring significant benefits to companies. The author, Adam Uzialko, discusses the applications of artificial intelligence in his article Artificial intelligence is already here. How is it impacting business every day? With his logos-style subjective article, the author follows the purpose to demonstrate the effective possibilities of using AI in various business areas.

As the main points of the article, Adam Uzialko discusses the possibilities and applications of AI in modern business. At the same time, the author correctly notices the divergence of some people in the perception of artificial intelligence as a fantastically utopian aspect of life, although it has already become part of modern realities (Uzialko, 2022). This statement fully reflects the current state of 2022, since AI is still not used in some people’s daily lives. At the same time, elements such as AI-powered voice assistants are gradually being introduced into human life. However, in some cases, users are not aware of which technology they are interacting with.

The author begins the development of the topic by providing definitions for AI and related terms. Uzialko explains that AI is the science and technology of creating intelligent machines and systems, especially intelligent computer programs that engage in human-like activities (2022). The author also defines a common type of AI in the form of machine learning. Machine learning refers to the process of independent acquisition of knowledge by an intelligent system in the course of its operation. Deep learning of neural connections is one of the varieties of machine learning, a new stage in the development of science, where neural networks include various constituent elements that communicate with each other in non-linear boundaries (Uzialko, 2022). In this case, artificial intelligence can solve most non-standard tasks.

The author notes that AI is already bringing significant benefits to different types of businesses. Compared to the traditional type of software, AI has more opportunities for decision making “It’s [AI] a form of software that makes decisions on its own” (Uzialko, 2022). This is important, as artificial intelligence technologies are gradually being introduced not only in the IT sector but also in retail, marketing, finance, and industry. The use of artificial intelligence in this capacity helps to reduce the amount of routine work and, accordingly, the number of errors in the course of its implementation. And human participation, in turn, can reduce the risk associated with automated decision-making by allowing a person to solve questions that AI has not yet been programmed or trained to answer.

As proof of logic and evidence, Adam Uzialko gives several inductive examples of the modern use of AI. Machine learning helps to optimize processes and find new solutions to business problems in a wide variety of industries. One example of use is smart energy management systems through sensors. Additionally, a significant part of cybersecurity weaknesses is related to the human factor. The author uses emotional words such as “acceptance” (Uzialko, 2022). However, the arguments in this part are weakly supported and could be improved, as computer security is constantly improving, and today this area has become more complex. Adaptive tools can help troubleshoot issues that arise when replacing, modifying, and upgrading network systems.

The author also gives an example of using AI to improve customer relationship management systems through self-adaptation and auto-correction. Other examples of customization are the use of AI in personal assistants and internet and data research to minimize the time it takes for people to provide simple answers or perform simple actions (Uzialko, 2022). Adam Uzialko’s comments are relevant to reality, as AI plays a key role in transforming the relationship between business and customers. AI is one of the few efficient technologies that can provide meaningful behavioral analysis on a large scale of data and at high processing speed.

As support for his judgments, the author cites the opinions of such influential people as Amir Husain, CEO, and founder of SparkCognition, Dr. Hossein Rahnama, CEO and founder of Flybits, and Russell Glenister, founder, and CEO of Curation Zone. At the same time, the author does not cite other scholarly sources or use counter-arguments, or refutation strategies, which makes the information in the article more subjective. Moreover, the author uses phrases such as “Researchers aren’t exactly sure” which support his authoritative tone and bias (Uzialko, 2022). The bandwagon and testimonial types of propaganda are used. Therefore, the article has an average level of reliability having the support of online articles with interviews as secondary sources of information.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence helps companies improve performance by reducing errors, improving quality and speed, and achieving results that human cognitive processes cannot. The article does not have many academic and scientific sources of information, which reduces the credibility of its veracity and correctness. Using the opinions of influential people in the industry allowed Adam Uzialko to make the development of the topic more supported. Overall, the article is a quality review of modern applications of AI in business.


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