Sociology in Human Life.

An Introduction

Human beings are generally known as social animals with unique characteristics that involve intelligence and ability to think. Since human possess these added qualities, it can be seen a sense of interdependency, unity, harmony, achievements, conflicts, ethnicity, class, creed, religion, crime and culture among the people. Sociology covers every aspect of the people’s life. It describes the social bonding which firmly binds people between each other.

It, being a science that interprets every human action, benefited the mankind through ages in analyzing social behavior and general human characteristics. It involves the narratives of success and failure of a person or a society as a result of the cultural conflict and extensive societal transformation. Thus it depicts the entire social behavior of mankind. This essay concentrates on the significance of the sociology in the development of our society. The involvement of sociology for the welfare of society cannot be ignored. The later section of this paper justifies this fact.

Significance of Sociology in Social development

Take every aspect of the life of people, it is seen that the sociology has its relevance in the process of social development. Let it be great inventions, conquering highest peaks, space voyages, adventurous expeditions, everything is connected with social relationship. Without unity and group work nothing is possible in this world. So more than one person’s efforts constitute a social process. The term ‘sociology’ is a blended forms of the Latin word ‘socius’ and the Greek word ‘logos’, which means ‘people’ and ‘study’ respectively. Sociology can provide all information about the people in terms of their social problems and the solutions without blaming any particular individual in a subtle manner.

As an effect of the social acquaintance, everyone of this world with firm determination and perseverance can have easy access to the societies and can learn, contribute and achieve whatever they want. When the thought comes about remarkable human activity, it is mostly seen that the activity would be the result of a combined efforts of great personalities and their experiences. Peoples may work in groups, but do share their individual contributions that comes from inner motivation.

The main objective of sociology is to appreciate human activities in their large social arrangements in the organized world. Every development of mankind is associated with the social setup. People of ancient ages had a dream of flying through air like birds. Later he converted the dream into his activity. It is the result of relentless efforts of the mankind has taken. They dug out the ways and unveil the technology to make it possible.

Architects took great efforts and experimented for centuries for developing necessary techniques to accomplish such great inventions. During the process of these inventions, sociological knowledge helps the people to have an idea about the world referring to human relations, their interests, cultural structures and entire human activities. Because the factors that guide our life is our creative imaginations, our jobs and personal ties.

It is a fact everyone does forget principles, formulas and definitions of other sciences like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology after completion of necessary course duration. But sociology benefits the community by providing updated knowledge about the social world works and by doing so it maintains a remarkable position in day to day activities of society. Our society consists of peoples of different interests and values which mostly collide on questions that are important to each of them in their public and private life. The inborn quality that people have in them that manage to get along with one another is moral values.

That is the reason why they succeed in pursuing common objectives. The society has similar perspective towards the world and due to that they maintain harmony and productive relations. The concept of family, religion, community and education are the prime institutions which create and sustain shared beliefs.

Sociologists conduct various researches and sociological studies on every aspect of human’s social life. Based on these studies general people do get the comprehensive view about the society of particular area. For Example, Eminent sociologist Judith Stacey noticed that Family life in US nowadays just like the most of the other countries is extremely vulnerable and insecure. This way people can take considerable precautionary measures to avoid any hazards for the society. Like its (Sociology’s) association with family, similar connection can also be seen with institutions like religion and education in various reasons.

Analyzing the religious activities around the glob, we can see uniformity in their observing their religion. That means any religious community the way of offerings to god is same. All religions differentiate good deeds and bad deeds. The concept of Heaven and Hell are almost same. Therefore sociology helps every community to adapt with other communities. It also provides the right to each religion to take good concepts from other religions. In the same manner sociology influences the education setup of the society. As a result of that, a common policy in educating students is adopted across the world. Education stages such as primary/secondary levels and under/post graduation levels are almost similar across the world.

Impact of Social Change

Social changes can turn the world upside down. It can generate disruption at various levels. The globalization trends changed entire business structure across the world from Asian countries to America. Globalization is the most significant transformation process the world ever felt. It is an effective example of social change. As we felt unity in diversity regarding education, family and religious activities, we can also see the diversity of human societies. In some cultures we find one woman has several husbands, while in others, some grooms can have more than one bride or even ten brides. The eating, dressing and living habit of some societies may vary from others. Culture of particular area influences peoples living styles.


The social developments and changes, its identification were discussed through the above mentioned sociological analysis. By this analysis society can identify proper and effective ways to manage change purposefully. Analysis can be carried out on micro, i.e. study of day-to-day relationship among people and macro, i.e. having a broad perspective over patterns and trends of political or economic systems, levels. Sociological analysis also watches closely the activities of interest groups in every area of human activity. Considering all aspects of human relationship and social binding, it is confirmed that sociological analysis has a significant role in the social restructuring process.

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