The Importance of the Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement was a massive social movement for the rights of black people, and it also fought racial discrimination in the 1960s. People stood for equal rights of citizens in front of each other, and the result of the struggle was the independence of the black population of the United States, which undoubtedly changed the nation (Clayton, 2018). Slavery and humiliating treatment of black people were utterly excluded; they received the right to their housing, education, and other opportunities that they had previously been deprived of. Currently, discrimination against black people also occurs, but it manifests itself naturally in a different way. The civil rights movement allowed people to believe that it is necessary to fight for their rights, and groups aimed at combating discrimination began to be created in the modern nation (Clayton, 2018). This gave people the opportunity to unite and fight with a united front.

Civil rights laws will be able to provide significant assistance and support to minority groups. The rules are designed to protect the rights of minorities and promote their identity. This is necessary for small communities to continue to live and exist because otherwise, they may disappear, and with them, the culture will disappear. The laws are also aimed at ensuring equality and eliminating discrimination so that the rights of minorities are not diminished, and their opinions are also considered when solving specific issues (Yearby, 2018). Minorities gain access to medical services, due to which many diseases are stopped, life expectancy increases, and overall health indicators of the entire population improve. If minorities are forced to leave their habitual residence as a result of an emergency, their status changes to refugee status. According to civil rights laws, they will be able to receive humanitarian aid from their state, which will help them survive. Civil rights laws can have a positive impact on minorities across the continent.

The civil rights movement will help modern America develop through the diversity of nationalities and cultures that should not be hidden. The Civil War and the movements formed in it made it possible for everyday people to develop more actively, communicate, to share experiences (Yearby, 2018). This is because people have stopped separating and determining who is the master and the enslaved person. Now people have the opportunity to unite to fight discrimination and racial oppression. In addition, discriminated people have the right to receive an education, and some of them are willing to work for the benefit of their country. Through education, the general literacy and the level of knowledge of the whole nation increases, making it possible to create something new, different from what is in other countries.

The civil rights movement allowed the diversity of modern America to flourish, as people gained access not only to education but also to medicine. There was a reduction in the number of various diseases, which led to an improvement in the nation’s health as a whole (Yearby, 2018). People can earn money independently of anyone and create their own families, free from inequality. Moreover, earnings help people to buy food and not be hungry. The Civil War and the Movement for the Civil Rights of disadvantaged people undoubtedly contributed to this. Modern America is a progressive, developing country that aims to eliminate inequality and discrimination.


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