The Law of Human Nature


The law of human nature is considered to reflect the significant concepts of “right” and “wrong” in the society faced in everyday situations. It is necessary to state that the law combines such things as heredity or gravitations; some thinkers refer this phenomenon to the law of nature but we cannot but take into account the analysis of human behavior. So, our principal task is to clarify the main ideas of human law structure and recognize its key elements. Human behavior is ruled by ethical norms and morality being common for every nation and making the greatest part of natural law.


The law of human nature was studied by C. S. Lewis in his work as the system striving to explain the humanity what actions and manners of behavior can be perceived as appropriate within the society.

I can agree with Lewis that at some moments of our life people face definite sets of laws which are to be obeyed in any case but there is always one which can be ignored. The author of Human Law of Nature explained that it is a question of human physical and moral interaction. Historical analysis shows that the law has such a name because people had no need to teach it and managed to realize all its main principles by nature. It was stated that in case our organism is not ready to follow one of the rules, we try to observe it on the moral level. The concept of Right and Wrong was explained by Lewis on the basis of morality which is common for all the nations and communities. It is necessary to underline the fact that all people worldwide have some established moral concepts being common for everyone; for example, you can hardly find the nation in the world admiring the period of war events or imagine that for some states two and two can make five. The problem of morality is common for every nation.

The law of Lewis is focused on reason and logic. It can be explained by two major purposes fulfilled by the law: it makes people realize a moral right providing moral expectations through the behavior of others; the law allows people realizing their behavior and giving the opportunity to determine the standards they can be referred to. The concept offered by Lewis is contradicting because according to his theory people tend to put moral expectations on surrounded people without realizing that these expectations are put on themselves.

“It seems, then, we are forced to believe in a real Right and Wrong. People may sometimes be mistaken about them, just as people sometimes get their sums wrong; but they are not a matter of mere taste and opinion any more than the multiplication table”. (Lewis, 2001)

The idea is that people try to see definite flaws in people having them in personal qualities. This aspect is proved by human natural behavior in everyday life; we try to violate the things being expected from other people’s actions.

The work “Natural Law and Human Nature” written by Joseph Koterski is very close to that one of Lewis. It supports the idea that the essential humanity is covered by objective moral order and human ethics is perceived through the concepts of human nature. It should be stressed that the recognition and perception of the natural law is viewed together with belief in God existence which explains its religious moral side. The author managed to underline the fact that the history of human law formation has undergone metaphysical and anthropological influence. Aristotle stated that the moral understanding process can be identified as the nature of human inner world. Thus, Koterski’s stressed that law followed by people makes them be perceived as intelligent and moral according to their nature. (Koterski, 2007)


The theory of human nature law analyzed by Lewis and Katerski appeared to be close to life. Human behavior is ruled by the natural law following the principles of morality.


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