Children Participation in Sports


“Children will be children!” – this statement is eternal and says that the nature of children cannot be ignored, but approved as constant.

Too many examples illustrate their intolerableness, restlessness etc. We can lose our temper being with such troublemakers. Our tolerance is over when they want something every now and then. One may scream self-consciously that he/she cannot stand this anymore. Nevertheless, we should not count on their prejudices. Their equivocal manner of gaining the idea of everything rallies thoughts in their minds effectively and perspectively, as I can say. And that’s true! “Sport builds character in children. Sports preparation is life preparation.” (Robert S. Griffin, p. 55). Each statement creates the whole picture of sport as a benefit of gradual growing-up. And not only that. Also, it will occupy their time and cover all intrigues to be noticed.


Among most favorite sports in different countries children prefer appropriate ones as: football, soccer, basketball, tennis etc.

These are games behaving a team-building desire, a will to win and physical background. Other sports, namely: swimming, running, jumping, develop persistence. All of them help to create a sound person. As proverb says: “A sound mind – in a sound body”.

As we know, besides going in for sports children attend classes. So what part of the day they are most active? Margaret O’Brien remarks that:

The afternoon is therefore the part of the day when children have to decide on their activities more or less by themselves; when they may meet friends and make use of playgrounds or institutional facilities such as sport or culture-related courses. (Christensen, Pia, and Margaret O’Brien, eds., p. 70)

To my mind, children are active all day long and do not mind their tiredness. This is the result of children’s unconcern and parents’ solicitude. All they need are their peers to play. As far as I am concerned, the rest of the energy they did not spend previously will be an addition for near times.

Should we come across proper attention in devoting our children to sports? Definitely! It is because with such methods we can behave healthy, sportive and able to survive children. Healthy children want to shout, run, play, move around, jump and this is natural for them. Otherwise, children without mentioned above features are unsound.

Being parents we ought to remember the following rules, as I see:

  • Keep your offspring in safety;
  • Let them know that life is moving and moving better manifests itself in sports;
  • Provide children with relevant sports (or activities at least).

At last, children will accumulate their energy and efforts to compete with counterparts proving that they deserve being the best. To my mind, soon this standpoint will let them think that they are the greatest referring, of course, on facts of their taking part and taking great pains in achieving life goals in the future. No doubt, sports can lead to such succession! Be sure, then they will certainly appreciate and thank you. On such self-esteemed and motivated individuals stands the US and these people mostly contribute great number of achievements for the country and leave deep footsteps in its history or even worldwide!


Summing up, we should admit that the power of nation lies in health of the children and further generations on the whole. Sports within them can simplify this challenge.

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