Personal Workout Program for Health and Fitness

Before introducing a workout program, I should measure the initial indices relating to my normal heartbeat and blood pressure to define the difficulty and intensity of training. The developed exercise will expect to raise the maximum heart rate by 60 % during the first two days and over 70 % during the rest of the week. To fulfill the proposed program and develop the muscle system of my organism, I need to consume the daily norm of protein. Provided that I will be training 2 hours a day, I need to consume, at least 25 % of products containing protein. These products include chicken meat, eggs, and dairy products. The researchers recommend consuming approximately 1.6 grams of protein per 1 kilo of my bodyweight. The table proposed below reveals my daily protein intake to fulfill the workout program:

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Tuna 25 grams
Chicken/Beef/Fish 20 grams
Nutritional Yeast 20 grams
Eggs 15 grams
Cashew Nuts Half a cup

The proposed energy system will provide my body with a sufficient supply of elements that are necessary for training and enhancing my fitness.

The training system will be composed of three types of exercise, including aerobic dance, jogging, and bike cycling. The first type of training – aerobic dance will be held 4 times a week; each workout will last 45 minutes. The second type of training – jogging will be fulfilled 7 days a week, and each workout will be 1 hour a day. During that hour, I will have to run over 5 miles. In the last two days, the distance should be increased to 6 miles. Finally, cycling will be held three times a week and will last about 40 minutes in the evening. The training is focused on developing athletic performance and improving the aerobic system. I need to train my lung to run faster. Breathing, therefore, is an inherent component of a healthy workout process. About the above-presented schedule, I will need to train almost two hours a day, which will be enough to lose weight and increasing muscle mass. The proposed session suggests that there will be no more than 12 hours break between the exercises to ensure that the muscle system is constantly trained and improved.

During one set of exercises, the aerobic workload should not exceed 30 minutes. The rest 15 minutes will be spent on power load. Exchanging aerobic and power loads should bring in high results. During jogging, water intake should be increased by 50 %, and I need to drink at least one liter of water during 1 set of workouts. Before proceeding to the workout, I will have to warm up and stretch my muscles to reduce the stress and receive the maximum benefit from the exercise. At the end of the physical exercises, cooling down is also important because it will allow the organism to restore the strength and heartbeat.

Time for the training is also important. It is advisable to jog in the morning and introduce aerobic exercises in the evening to adjust the organism to the workloads gradually. Such an approach will reduce the risk of overtraining. Besides, having rest is an important part of my workout program because it will allow the organism to restore the power for the next set of exercises. Hence, I will need at least seven-to-eight hours of sleep.

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