Human Sexuality: Practical Issues

Modern world is different from that which was 10 – 20 years ago. People look on various things differently, such as what was forbidden and shameful yesterday is allowed today. People’s opinion about such things as marriage, personal relations, love, sex and other notions has changed greatly. People now are more democratic in their choice, divorces occur more frequently and people understand it a norm. People meet each other, have dates, they kiss, they have sex and then they may part friends and continue relations. The problem of sexuality have been studied at schools and Universities and after assisting such class I got to know a lot of aspects which may help me in attitude to myself, my future relation with my couple and relations between sexes in general.

A lot of problems were discussed during the course, such as relation to sexuality in other countries, the difference of relations between sexes in the USA and Islamic countries (the difference is huge), how to talk to children about the sexuality, I understood the aims and methods of such science as sexology, the difference of perception of sex by men and women, the information about people’s sexual anatomy and a lot of other problems which were interesting for me I could not find time to research. The course was really informative and reached different facts which I never knew and would not get to know if did not assess the classes of human sexuality.

I am married and have two beautiful children, the relations in my family stable but still assisting the classes. I got to know some information which may help me to cope with future problems. The most important problem for me as for parent is to talk to my children about sex and sexual relations. The course helped me to understand how to begin the conversation, what to say. The responsibility is the main aspect which should be mentioned in this conversation as sexual relations suppose a great responsibility before the sexual partner. The problem which also should be touched is the sexual health, the necessity to practice safe sex or to use a condom.

The other problem which appeared to be familiar for me is the mysterious (before) world of transsexualism and transgenderism. I got to understand that these people have absolutely different visions of the world and relations, but at the same time they are very simple people as we. It was also new for me that social-learning influences gender identity. The course helped me to understand how to communicate with transsexual and transgendered as before I avoid their presence and this my attitude caused some problems. I am sure that the experience (even if it is theoretical experience) will help me to avoid the problems and will let me to communicate with these people properly and without inconveniences neither from my, nor from their side.

People’s anatomy opened for me a lot of knowledge about my personal body, as well as about the body of opposite gender. I was surprised to be married and have children I did not expected to know so much as was sure that my knowledge were enough. Supporting the conversations in classes it was informative to listen about sexual experiences of other people, to get to know the first experience and those who did not have it yet. Being married myself, it was possible for me to give some advices about marriage and children, about how to be a parent. The other parents also gave their advices and tried to help with problems which disturbed them.

During the class some horrible and frightening things were discussed, such as rapes and pornography. The knowledge of the cases and discussing the reasons and causes which usually are considered as backgrounds will help me to protect my children from being raped. It is very important to teach children to behave correctly in order to avoid the worst consequences and to try to escape. The children pornography was considered in order to teach us how to protect our children. And I really understood what to do, what to tell my children and how to teach them to behave correctly in the situations which seem to be dangerous.

The course also helped me to understand some problems which sometimes appear in the relations between me and my couple. A lot of causes have a sexual background, as I understood from the classes, and what is the most important is that I learned how to cope with these problems. It was impossible for me to think that with sexual problems I may turn to the specialist, I was really ashamed of it, but now I understand that it is a normal affair and that a lot of people turn to professional help. It became important for me that if I got some problems I will be able to turn to the specialist and will be able to save my marriage (everything is good now, but who knows which problems may appear in future).

Loving my couple, I have never thought that there are different types of love. This knowledge will help me in future to help my children with their personal relations. I will definitely help my children to understand why people fall in love and which consequences are better to take up after this or that type of love. I mean that when passionate love takes place it is better to think over everything several times than to get married. Considering the problems why people fall in love, it was possible for me to answer the question why I love my couple and why I am loved. It have never been crucial for me, but assisting these classes I understood that relationships are a very complicated and odd issue and they should be supported and developed all the time in order to be stable and people could enjoy each other being married for many years.

People usually dream and sometimes these dreams are erotic. Considering this topic I felt a little embarrassed and frustrated, as erotic dreams are something too personal. It was important for me that all people at least once during their life saw erotic dreams, but still during this conversation I could not relax and enjoy the class as I was in constant tension. The same concerns the classes about sexual fantasies. It was difficult for me to communicate on these topics and especially to share my personal experience. These themes are too personal, from my point of view, and they should not be paid much attention as most people are ashamed to tell about their fantasies, as sometimes even their wives and husbands do not know about these fantasies’ existence. But still, this topic also helped me to open my inside world and to fell mere free in communicating on sexual topics.

The most interesting topics for me were about sexual arousal and response, and about sexuality and adult years. Children grow, adolescents become adults and adults become old. It is the life cycle and it is impossible to avoid it, and I have always been interested how people come to conclusion that they are too old for sex, how they communicate about, which age is considered to be the last for sexual relations. These questions have bothered me and the classes helped me to understand that even being not young, relations may continue, without crazy plays. Elderly age has a lot of advantages as people’s relations only strengthen with years.

In conclusion, the classes of human sexuality were a great profit for me. First of all, these classes gave me knowledge which may help me in my future relations and in my communication with my children. Second, a lot of new information helped me to look at myself and my relations from the other point of view, taking into consideration all that new which I got to know. Third, there classes helped me to fell more free and assured communicating on topics about sex and sexual relations. Modern world is the time of sexual revolution and people do not shame to talk about sex and relations, so do I will never avoid this problem any more. Human sexuality is not just the sex, it is a special type of relations which help to understand yourself better and your partner.

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