Impact of Videogames on Students

Video games in modern society are standard not only among the younger generation but also among, the older ones. In this source, games are considered as restrictions that prevent high learning outcomes among students. The study has two main goals: to investigate whether gaming students achieve a different GPA average and whether the GPA results of intragroup students who are classified as heavy and non-heavy gamers will differ. This work is valuable, as its results can increase the effectiveness of the online gaming industry’s actions to improve these games concerning education further.

This study aims to consider a possible link between the damaging effects of video games and a predisposition to aggressive behavior. Data from the study showed that interpersonal affective deficits were significantly higher in participants who constantly played violent games than other harmless games. Disinhibition, as one of the consequences of gaming, was significantly higher in both study groups. The authors concluded that the issue of studying the negative impact of violent video games on the quality of social relations is of great value for further research on reducing aggression among young people.

The study raises the question of the prevalence of violent video games among American youth. The authors say that the main problem is the lack of evidence of negative influence. The work shows that most well-adjusted children and adolescents regularly play violent video games, never displaying violent behavior in real life. On the contrary, the increase in sales of violent games corresponds to a decrease in violent crime levels. This study is of interest because it examines the positive social impact of violent video games on today’s youth and offers a comprehensive overview of their history, culture, and scientific research.

The authors point to concerns that violent exposure to video games may increase aggression on a social level. This study proves that violent exposure to video games increases aggression in young people. Besides, the analysis showed that violent games have an impact not only on players but also on their environment. Thus, people who do not play video games notice a greater amount of aggression when there are avid players in their environment.

This study examines the extent to which adolescents who play violent video games exhibit higher levels of aggressive behavior. The authors attempted to prove that violent games are linearly and positively related to the assessments of aggressive behavior of young people. However, the results did not support this hypothesis, nor did the idea that the relationship between these factors follows a nonlinear function.

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