Importance of “Time Management”


Research has shown that time has never been enough for people who are not able to manage it properly. The most challenging thing about time management is even the fact that it is not possible to reverse it once it has passed. Everyone knows that it is not possible to store time and yet every task that a person accomplishes; no matter complex or simple requires time. Time has also been equally provided to all people regardless of their classes. Therefore, time can be the greatest equalizer of all people who feel like they have been left behind in terms of making their achievements with those who are ahead of them. However, this is only possible if the always-available-time is properly managed. The following paper analysis the importance of time management in one’s life.

Importance of time management

Time management refers to a set of principles, tools, daily practices, human skills, and systems that enable a person to spend time accomplishing what is required within a specified period. According to (Schermerhorn, 1986 pp45-47) “Time can never be taken back and like anything that has been done, once it passes, it cannot be changed”. The only thing that can be done is to consider countermeasures on wasted time to prevent any damage resulting from further spreading. However, the best way in which damage caused by lack of proper time management can be avoided is to ensure that, time is properly managed all the time.

Effective time management is, therefore, a preventive measure that is better than a cure. Time management is the most valuable commodity because even when time is compared with money which many people consider most important, one may get more cash even after misusing what he/she has but one can never get extra time. Time should be properly managed since it is not possible to store it and is equally provided to all people; rich or poor. Time cannot be speeded up for those people who are financially well up or slowed down for poor people. (Chapin, 1974)

Time is not abundant but rather rare even though, it is equal for all and this is confirmed by the fact that almost everybody complains about lack of enough time and the presence of a lot of work to be done until they lose focus. For one to properly manage time, he/she must prioritize activities that are near deadlines and are most crucial. Management of time is also significant in that, there is nothing done, that does not require time and therefore, for several goals to be achieved at the same time, each task requires to be apportioned enough time which should be followed by good management. Even when time is very little, effective management can result to produce work that can accumulate to a lot of work in a week or a month. (Stalk, 2003)

Time management enables one to fully accomplish more jobs using little effort at a minimal cost and less stress because one does not experience confusion. It helps one to be more organized as tasks become habits and can never be driven by panic and this results in increased productivity. What one repeatedly does is what he/she becomes and this leads to a generalization that, excellence is a habit but not an act. (Schermerhorn, 1986)

(Stalk, 2003), argues that, in modern times, so many opportunities have opened up as a result of high interaction and communication across the world. This has been enhanced by the fast progress in technology and therefore, there are much more tasks that can be done within a short time compared to the recent past. For effective spending of time, one, therefore, has to make a plan along with intelligent choices so that he/she can utilize most of his/her time accomplishing important tasks. Research has shown that, if several tasks are finished within a short time, a person feels fulfilled in his/her life and a state of balance for a range of tasks is established. It is therefore important for people with a difficulty in spending their time wisely to adopt a program in time management. With good time management, every person can realize his/her goals.


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