Is Gun Control Strict Enough in the US?

Why do mass shootings and armed conflicts remain a significant concern in America? The US is one of the countries where these types of crimes happen most often. Besides, the lack of gun control leads to more victims of domestic violence and a higher crime rate. These facts suggest that the current gun control measures are not strict enough and should be revised. This paper argues that gun laws should be stricter because it would lead to fewer mass shooting, violence, and crime.

Gun Laws Should be Stricter

The first fact that should be considered is that mass shootings happen in the US more often than in other countries. The most probable reason for it is that there are no strict gun laws. Currently, America’s population has free access to guns. In many other countries, bringing a firearm to a public event is unlawful and can raise suspicions while carrying a weapon is allowed in the US. This problem increases the chances of mass shootings while gun laws can reduce the risk for the population.

The second argument for the position is that stricter gun laws can protect people from domestic abuse. Women are more likely to be victims of domestic conflicts. Current gun laws increase their risk of being murdered by 500% in case firearms are present in a domestic argument. For comparison, Iraq and Afghanistan wars led to more than 5,300 deaths among American soldiers between 2001 and 2015; more than 6,400 women in the US were killed with a gun between 2001 and 2012. These data show that domestic violence is a serious problem because of the current gun laws.

The third argument is that criminals steal even legally owned guns frequently. As carrying a firearm is not prohibited, offenders can easily take them and sell at a higher price without looking suspicious. All law-abiding individuals’ property is at risk because criminals know that many people are likely to own guns. It means that non-strict gun control results in more crimes, including theft and burglary. Besides, the lack of gun laws makes weapons more accessible to offenders.

Alternative Perspective

However, the question of gun control can be analyzed from a different point of view. For some people, carrying firearms can provide a sense of security, as it may help them to save their lives during an attack. Moreover, because of stricter gun control, law-abiding citizens may get rid of their guns while criminals will keep theirs. It means that violence may not occur less often but individuals will have fewer opportunities to protect themselves. However, such a position cannot be considered fully reasonable because the majority of people using guns are criminals. Although everyone is allowed to carry firearms, they are used not for protection but killing, injuring or threatening.


This report shows that gun laws lead to an increased number of mass shootings, crimes, and violent actions. Mass shootings happen in America very often compared to other countries, many people die in armed domestic conflicts, and theft and burglary rates become higher too. To avoid these consequences, the government should make gun control stricter. The gun laws may have potential disadvantages as people will have fewer changes to protect themselves; however, firearms are rarely used for defense. The possible recommendation for the government is to analyze the lack of gun control and its outcomes and establish regulations that would protect the population. This way, it will be positive to make America a safer place for all individuals.

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