Problem of the Domestic Violence Relations

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Domestic violence relations can be traced back to early European instances based on patriarchal social associations. The issue has gained global acclamation, and it has stopped being a concern for the family but for authorities within and beyond the nations in question.

Domestic violence in modern society has had numerous designations, with some referring to it as the exploitation being conducted against humankind which embraces arousing, physical, and even sexual abuse between ranges of a group of members in the society. (Domestic violence, 2008)

Major Problems of Domestic Violence In America

Problems of domestic violence in America tend to take different shapes in different institutions, and this may include law society where domestic violence occurs in the form of decree. In this way, individuals who are affected seek assistance from various law institutions, and as a result, the legislation to participates at the same time in oppressing the victims by not letting them obtain proper legal assistance. Most people have performed various activities that go against human dignity where most of the members of a specific community are being killed in order to honor a group or individual.

This kind of activity is being done annually based on gender biases or a specific social class of people e.g., male turns against female. These forms of domestic violence still remain a major problem for society members. From the various leaders, domestic violence has been measured and highly rated to have a negative set back in member of staff hence the performance of a worker become very non effective when it comes to performance contract. This may result from the form of which the domestic violence occurs e.g. emotional physical or even mental.

Problem of Domestic Violence in Africa

Africa is one of the developing continents which likely experience greater domestic violence in the universe. However, domestic violence occurs in different ways as compared to the America which tend to have a new influence

of domestic violence by introducing new methods and ways of which one can perform domestic violence without being detected by the relevant members of the society. In Africa, nations like Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa, the spread of domestic violence has been recorded in high number. This brings about the relative comparison to the America nation in accordance to the extracted statistic of the rate at which domestic violence spreads.

Africa too for the recent years has been lead by a group of nations that organize a lobbying group to help curb domestic violence, unlike America where the law enforcement groups such as the police and the Law societies have been in the front line to help the victims of domestic violence and it has been noted that they turn it again to be a domestic violence law. Domestic violence has created a major problem in African children and affecting both females without recognizing the age limit. The women and children after they have undergone this kind of trauma, they are liable to chronic effects. There have been also augment on the effect of domestic violence on the human resources most victims become affected and cannot get dedicated to their jobs. African communities have suffered a foremost menace of separation as a result of domestic violence.

Major Problem of Domestic Violence in Iraq

Iraq is one of the countries found in the middle-east within the Asian continent. In accordance to the Non organization information, there has been a great increase in domestic violence, which is blamed for the social culture unlike in Africa and America; people were killed in regarding one’s social background such as family, while in Iraq it is termed as tribute killing.

Domestic violence against teenagers has actually risen up of which the recent instability of the country after the end of Sadam Hussein’s rule, which lead to the united state of America’s war against Iraq has greatly contributed to this.The parents have lived in hostility with their children, and this affects negatively the growth of children, which may lead to health problems due to lack of parental love. Domestic violence has lead to family aggression where Iraq and its neighbor nation are rising for war against each other e.g. the rise of the Afghan war which keep on broadening to next nation.Domestic violence in southern Iraq has lead to in humanitarian crisis, which has created major effects on the people resulting to rise of epidemic diseases and other shortages of basic commodities.

Domestic violence has also increased internal conflict against the various rebel groups who are strongly opposed to the Iraq government.In this way, domestic war has erupted every time and again leading to death and injustice. Racism has also emerged due to domestic violence against the Americans as a result of America’s position on the war in Iraq. Domestic violence is being lead against the Americans.

Domestic violence has led to the formation of organizations that push for the rights of the most affected in cases of domestic violence, they include; The Refuge Movement in 1882, The Child Saver Movement, Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to children in the late 1870s. Today, domestic violence vary from place to place across the world depending on the perception of the citizens’ perception of domestic violence; some nations, for example, China, look at domestic violence as a personal issue that should be sorted out within the family. In such parts, domestic violence tends to be higher than areas where the authorities are more involved.


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