Project Management: The Process of Building a New House

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Stages of the project

While building a new house, a person can meet a lot of unforeseen challenges, such as growing costs, insufficient quality, and other complexities. I believe that financial control is one of the key benefits of applying project management as it provides better budgeting and planning. In many cases, the cost of the building continues to increase even after signing the agreement with the customer. Therefore, the scope of costs should be defined in advance, and the list of questions and assumptions should be discussed (“What is project management?”, 2020). It seems that the key to ensuring that the costs are controlled is to define the details to a sufficient level, which is to be written in the contract.

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Along with costs, quality and time are two more fundamental blocks of projects, which are considered to make sure that the house will be constructed within the finite timespan. Since a deadline is another challenge of building a house I can face, the use of project management increases the likelihood of accomplishing the desired result on time (Project Management Institute, 2018). The quality of a house significantly depends on the resources and materials used, which are to be clarified with responsible managers. For example, together with the project manager, we can assign the involved individuals specific responsibility areas to maintain a high quality of their work.

The process of building a house implies several stages that can be performed in terms of a project life cycle. Beginning with the concept of the house, the cycle continues with the development of the project management plan. After that, the execution of work packages should include a step-by-step construction of the house, which will end with the close-out and customer acceptance (Project Management Institute, 2018). The final stage of the project ensures that the deliverables set are achieved, and that customer quality expectations are met.

Working as an Engineer in a Satellite Company

In engineering, project management is important for providing effective communication among the team members. Working as an engineer in a satellite company, I am expected to understand the details of the software, satellite operations, and customer support. Resolving the occurring problems on the side of the company and one of the customers is another job requirement of engineers. In this connection, I consider that managing the project can be beneficial to finish my work on time and do not go over the budget (Project Management Institute, 2018). Project managers can also serve as the persons who connect engineers and customers. For example, a project manager can give me the recording of communication and recommendations for improvements. I would like to stress that without the work of project managers, there is an increased threat of dissatisfied clients and missed deadlines.

The knowledge areas of project managers are likely to make a positive impact on the satellite company’s human resources and stakeholder management. Namely, effective organization and leading the team of professionals is the main benefit of human resources in terms of project management. In addition, stakeholder management can be applied to better understand the expectations of both clients and engineers to engage them in the process of service delivery to manage their interests. Quality management is another knowledge area that is critical for me as an engineer as it identifies quality objectives, policies, and responsibilities so that they are aware of their roles and anticipated outcomes of their work (“What is project management?”, 2020). Accordingly, project management for engineers in the satellite company includes a high quality of work, effective problem-solving, communication across the organization and with clients, as well as proper planning and timeliness.


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