Religious Beliefs and Political Decisions


Politics and religion do mix as they are the same thing since both are involved in modeling our daily lives. When religion and politics mix up we can understand our society. Religion incorporates the man to God relationship while politics incorporates man to man relationship as they are about our way of life as people’s religious beliefs influence their political decisions and views (Bruce, 2003). Religious people are involved in the voting for political leaders hence leading to the core relationship of the two, some religious rules have been seen used to make countries’ laws.

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Politics and religion should not be allowed to mix as both are different things serving different areas in different ways. If the two were to mix there will be confusion on which religion to be favored as there are many religions. Politics and religion should not be mixed to create a healthy relationship between the two, each should be allowed to function as a separate entity from each other in performing its role in the society (Moyser, 1991).

In politics, thoughts presented rely on the reason presented but in religion the thought relay on faith to be proved. Religion should maintain its mandate of worshiping God and not a way to promote political ambitions. If the two were to mix there will be a government that dictates its beliefs on others. Religion is safe when kept at home while politics are safe when left in the public, politics should not be subjected to views (Kenneth &Allison, 2006).

Religion is a personal choice and should not be allowed to dictate society. Politics and religion if were to mix who will be left to oversee the operations of the government and correct it in the place where it goes wrong. Politics are about countries’ leadership which is tolerance of the activities of the society but religion is intolerance and it stands to condemn the evil acts in the society. Religion as a personal decision can help in decision making but can not be used to present it as the truth, in society the views of those deeply in the religion do not go down well with those of the ones not involved (Moyser,1991).

Politics should always be allowed to be away from religion as some politicians may use religion to put out what is in their minds and hurting others may use the power of the religion to maintain their position in their political field. God created man to serve him in his domain and by this, the involvement of religion in politics will undermine the dignity of the religion. If the religion was to get into politics only one religious belief will be presented and the rules which will be formulated will favor the only religion involved in its formulation not bearing that there are other religions in place (Bruce, 2003).

In the case where a politician is from a certain religion people from that religion will tend to vote for him even if he/she is not the right candidate. The state can not issue an order on how the bible should be interpreted hence the religion should not issue the outline on how the government should man its activities as the bible will only offer the solution as offered in the beliefs of the Christians and not the other religions.


When we mix politics and religion we would have turned to some sort of idolatry as we will be worshiping our politicians and not our God as it is implemented in the doctrine of the religion. Religion should be there to show us where true politics lie and not to lead us to a certain politician but to make us understand the truth of the politics. In the event where politics and religion were to merge many innocent people would live under the marginalization of their leaders as the religion will have no mandate to liberate the people (Moyser,1991).


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