Abortion is a term that brings chills to people and the word at large. The debate on whether abortion should be legalized or banned still rages with opponents and proponents of the issue airing their different opinions. Abortion happens whenever pregnancy is gotten rid of before the unborn child, commonly referred to as the fetus, is able to live on its own outside the mother. In simple terms, abortion is simply the impulsive annihilation of the growth of the unborn in the womb of its mother.

However, in some cases, people mistake miscarriages as abortions where abortion occurs unintentionally sooner than 24 weeks of expectancy. An abortion that is done intentionally for the purposes of getting rid of pregnancy is known to be a therapeutic (also known as induced abortion). The rates of abortion are increasingly high in the countries where the act itself is illegal. Additionally, almost every kind of abortion done across the world is unsafe. In America alone, the act of abortion has been considered officially authorized since the Supreme Court of 1973 decided on it under the authority of Roe-Wade.

According to statistics, a third of every form of pregnancy in the world is not planned. Also, almost 50% of expectancies that happen annually are unwanted with half of these women playing a central role in the termination. As the paper reveals, though the subject of abortion has aroused much debate not only in America but also in the entire world, it has its pros and cons. However, in my opinion, I will declare it some form of ruthless killing that should be banned and only allowed when there exists no other option.

Cons of Abortion

Abortion in no doubt looks like an unpleasant crime by every account. It clearly gives the implication that an influential person is being deprived of life. Just for the reason that the odds are not in favor of the mother or the father, the baby is deprived of the golden chance of existence on earth. Is it possible to justify the actions by ending someone’s life? Children are always regarded as remarkable gifts from God. It is always believed that, for every birth taking place, there is a perfect reason that signifies the birth and existence of the newborn.

By interfering with the life of an individual, are mothers not going against the wishes of the Creator? Performing an abortion has always carried the risk that the mother might not conceive again. In addition, abortion may as well result in health complications that can be serious to the mother. In some cases, death can result from it. It is considered as the most horrible scenario that can result from abortion. Luker says that, in most cases, abortion can result in memories that are not needed, and which can bring about trauma and despair (109).

Some females who go through abortion experience the sentiment of guiltiness, which will remain in their memories throughout their lifetime. Abortion also carries the risk that it might be done incompletely. This case might result in damaging of the womb if not rectified at the precise time. The act of abortion creates the possibilities of euthanasia being permitted later following the ignorance of the mother. From a different perspective, claims have been put across that child who are born following a change of mind of their mothers not to abort them end up being prominent figures in the world.

There have been many talented people raised by single mothers. The current president of the US is among such kids. Chances are that single mothers think of aborting their unborn following the logistics associated with raising a kid. If the claim is proved to be true, abortion will, therefore, be declared as a way of depriving the world some of its illustrious people-to-be whose existence would help the lives of many others since mothers will be viewed as getting rid of a significant person who might positively influence the world.

For instance, if Martin Luther King Jr. had been aborted, what would have happened? With abortion, people tend to be less accountable concerning sexual matters. The situation can bring about diseases related to STIs, STDs, and or even AIDS. According to Luker, studies have also proven that women who had done an abortion are prone to experiencing miscarriages, early or untimely birth, and expectancy or problems in delivery in the days to come of their lives (145). Other promising side effects that might last longer when abortion is done include the cervix being complicated and the placenta developing abnormally.

In some special cases, a number of women commonly use abortion as a method of birth control. This method in some way endorses infidelity in which women can engage in several sexual encounters that would in the result to abortion. Abortion also encourages unbecoming behavior amongst individuals since they do not want to be responsible for their deeds. This irresponsibility provides them with the liberty of engaging in careless actions that might lead to their death.

The Pros of Abortion

In many scenarios, abortion plays a key role in safeguarding the life of the mother. A number of women who are ill or ail from a number of serious medical conditions, for instance, heart complications, kidney complications, stern hypertension, severe diabetes, and sickle-cell anemia. These diseases can be critical in life. Therefore, abortion in many cases has played a key role in helping in the avoidance of serious medical difficulties that have arisen from childbirth.

However, Intecon wrote that abortion should always be done after an appropriate medical recommendation, as it is capable of resulting in possible miscarriages in the impending days of the mother (156). In societies where males are chauvinists, women are regarded as machines of bearing children. With this in mind, an abortion right provides her with an individual distinctiveness where she can make a decision on the destiny of her infant. From time to time, abortion assists significantly in the checking of the extent of the family.

It can act as a strong key that will help in the undoing of mistakes thereby putting a stop to mothers who are forcefully engaged in the raising of an infant at an adolescent period. According to Intecon, it is written that with abortion in place, parents are left with the option of bearing and raising the wanted child (223). Without abortion, any kind of pregnancy that is regarded as not wanted would result in giving rise to new individuals who have high chances of experiencing a pathetic life following the lack of attention of their parents.

Such individuals turn into street kids and or thieves who engage in forceful killings in an attempt to secure their daily bread. Is it possible to force a woman to produce life? Giving birth to an unwanted infant might call for a world of difficulties for both the mother and the infant thus hamper social sections of humanity besides having unenthusiastic implications particularly on the consciousness of the infant. Furthermore, in rape cases, an expectant woman might be advised to abort if she so wishes since a child born out of rape might not be loved not only by the mother but also by the entire society.

Therefore, abortion comes in as a way of ensuring that mothers give birth to children whom they are willing to raise and offer the necessary care and needs until they are able to sustain themselves. With this in mind, they see abortion as the most suitable way to get rid of the brutality. Some of the victims that are raped are minors. Thus, they would not be bodily or psychologically ready in taking care of the infant. There is no point of such victims to undergo the torment of bearing a baby, which in this case is a creation of some ill-fated happening of their existence.

With the presence of technology, it is now possible to detect diseases in unborn infants. Intecon added that most mothers and doctors prefer abortion as a way of avoiding giving birth to an unhealthy child and after that watch it grow with sufferings every single day of its life (365). This case can be highly risking for the family and to the infant also.

Some mothers cannot withstand to see their infants suffer due to financial reasons. Therefore, they abort the baby as the only option than giving away the baby for adoption purposes. Some mothers also develop the fear of transmitting STDs, STIs, and AIDS to their infants if by any chance, they were ailing from such diseases. They opt to conduct an abortion to save their infants from being orphans since they believe no other person will take care of the baby better than they would do.

Several individuals may support that abortion has become a subject of the modern way of life though some people may disregard it. The reality is that most of the researches done on abortion never give a picture of satisfaction. Abortion has been a heated area under discussion amongst a bunch of individuals who have their school of judgment concerning it. What do opponents of abortion say about it?

My Opinion

In my opinion, I see abortion as both a vice and a necessity. By this argument, I refer to cases of health and population purposes where abortion might come in as an intervention. Also, I would prefer a worldwide illegalization of abortion with it being allowed only for critical or momentous occasions only when there is no other option. Some reasons that people cite when embracing abortion, such as population control can be managed by the use of contraceptives like condoms and pills rather than abortion.

However, some of the communities from the Roman Catholic are strict on the use of contraceptives. They regard sex as a way of reproduction, and that using contraceptives is sinful because they interfere with the initial plan of God: reproduction.

In summary, abortion will forever play a dynamic role in people’s culture. In the United States alone, more than 3000 cases on abortion are witnessed every day. The implication here is that there is a need to come up with mechanisms of informing the partakers of the act on the consequences of the same and the steps they can embrace to secure their lives such as the use of contraceptives and protections whenever it is possible.

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