Arabian Restaurant Business’ Organization Project

Product- Features and Benefits

A business plan is a statement containing the set goals of an organization and the goals will be attained. Business plans are of two types: external business plans and internal business plans. Externally focused business plans target goals that involve shareholders while internally focused business plans are mainly ways through which target goals in the external business can be solved.

This will be a business plan about an Arabian restaurant located in Irvine, orange, USA. Irvine has a huge Arab population and hence establishment of a restaurant in this place is encouraged due to the readily available market. The restaurant will be a well-being company aimed at improving the lives of its customers through offering quality foods and services.

Examples of foods we will be offering include: Hawayij (Spice Blend), Kapsa which is rice served with chicken, Kimaje (flat bread) which is bread traditionally served warm from the oven and is used to scoop up other foods. Other foods we will be offering include Mrouzia which is an arab cuisine, Baba ghnoush which is an Arabic dish of eggplant mashed and mixed with various seasonings.

Kibbeh which is an Assyrian dish made of burghul and chopped meat will also be offered. Our foods will be prepared by highly qualified cooks to meat our customers expectations. The ingredients will be always fresh to ensure that the food has its natural taste and that the traditional features are not damaged. Our kapsa will contain olive oil, cinnamon, raisins, lemon rind among other seasonings and hence making it stand out among our competitors and hence making our restaurant one of its kind.

Kibbeh will contain spices such as cinnamon making it desired by many. Our foods are prepared at places that meet the standards set by the health officials making them recommended by all. They are prepared using oils that have low cholesterol levels thus aimed at maintaining a healthy body to all customers. Hygiene is well maintained at our premise assuring all customers that the quality of food in this place is fit for human consumption.

Most of our foods are traditionally obtained and hence they are aimed at improving our customers’ health more than causing damage to them. Some ingredients on our foods such as garlic are known to have health benefits and hence our food is prepared is prepared having in mind the customer’s health. Being a well-being company healthy food for a healthy generation is all what our restaurant will be ensuring is met.

The prices for our commodities are considerate and fair to our customers. The price list of our commodities are as follows: Kapsa- full chicken3.50$, half chicken 2.5$ and quarter chicken 1.75$ , Hawayij-1.50$, kimaje- 1.75$, Mrouzia- 2.25$, Baba ghnoush- 2.0$, Kibbeh- 3.0$ among others. Though our restaurant is a profit it making organisation we ensure that our prices are favourable to all and that our prices are in line with our quality. The customers will enjoy after-sale services such as delivery.

They have the opportunity to order food and delivered to their destinations at no costs. Creation of a website will help customers order online and hence making our services more efficient and effective. Our premise will also give loyalty cards so that customers can accumulate points that the can use to buy food without incurring any costs.

Also in case the food sold to a customer is damaged in any way they have the opportunity of ordering another food. The food bought will also be wrapped in a special way that is appealing and desirable to the customers. The customers will also enjoy discounts during festive seasons. This will be beneficial to both the customers and the restaurant due to increased sales.

Mission statement

This is a statement of the purpose of why the company, organization was formed. The mission statement: Holding high standards for quality of food and service to our customers to ensure a healthy generation exists.

Company goals

A goal is usually a statement that describes the outcomes that a company or organisation wants to have within a designated time frame having one or more objectives. Our goals that we intend to accomplish in the next five years include:

  1. Increase our customer base with a minimum of 5000 customers per year out of a possible 7000.This is as to try and maximise the company’s profits. This will increase the sales of the company making it possible to gain profits. Increasing the number of customers will be done through a thorough advertising of our products and marketing. Product promotion will also be done to ensure that the potential market is aware of our existing and yet to come products. This although is very effective, the costs of advertising and promoting the products are very high.
  2. Increase the sales by 250000$ per annum. This will give the company a chance of expanding its reach to customers and improve its services. The management will be involved in ensuring that this is met. Advertising in areas beyond Irving will expose the company to potential customers and hence likely to increase the sales. This goal will be met by several constraints such as stiff competition from companies offering similar products. Advertising is also expensive
  3. Improve the services to our customers to be effective and efficient. This will help the company improve on the quality of services it gives to the customers which has the effect of creating customer loyalty. This will be achieved through increasing the number of employees to meet the high increasing number of customers. The management will be involved in the planning of this and hiring the employees. This goal may be affected by certain problems such: hiring semi-skilled staff and the process also may be expensive.
  4. Expanding the company by opening one more restaurant. Expansion of the company will greatly increase the number of customers and hence increase the products sold. This requires proper planning and hence the policy makers have to make decisions that will make this goal achievable. The new restaurant will be located within the outskirts of Irvin to enable reach the customers who are unable to access this in town. This goal involves a lot of planning and hence a lot of funds will be used. Possible embezzlement of funds is likely to occur if the expansion process is not well planned for.
  5. Support community developments projects and charity events. The company has the obligation to support the community which mostly happens to be its customers in this locality. Supporting children homes and engaging in projects that will benefit the company are important since this create a good relationship between the two. It will also increase the customer base since through such events, product promotion and advertising is also done.

Corporation would be the best legal form of ownership for this company. This is because corporation is registered differently from the owner. The corporation will own and operate the business on behalf of the owners of the business.

This legal entity is also the best because it allows the owner to hire him herself and then participate in company-funded employee benefit plans like medical insurance and retirement plans. Also incase a debt is incurred in the company’s name, your assets as the company owner can’t be taken to repay the debt. The company and the owner are two separate legal entities and hence cases regarding the company only inlvove the company and not the owner.

Management and staffing summary

Management refers to the methodology used to attain organisational goals through planning, controlling, leading and organizing people and other organisational resources while staffing refers to the process of recruiting, hiring, motivating and ensuring that the best employees remain in the organisation to help achieve its objectives.

As a manager one should have the ability to perform tasks in a specific discipline or department, have skills that involve communication and motivation and hence a manager is supposed to be a role model upon who junior employees should look upon for advises and motivations. The manager should identify and manage risks before they grow. As the head of the management team he should lead the team to define the situation, identify the type of the risk that the company faces, describe and collect the information needed.

The manager should be the team leader of his management team; they should develop alternatives that are if the situation affecting the business has an alternative, how it should be applied to try solving the problem. He should lead the team developing agreements with the policy makers and the management team in general.

The manager is obligated to ensure that what was agreed upon as the solution to the situation has been done. The manager should also be able to determine whether the decision made was a good one. This is done through evaluation of the whole project maybe through carrying out a feasibility study.

In case it is the hiring of new employees; he is to overview the whole process. A performance appraisal of the employees may be done after some time to access whether the employees were fit for the job. The manager should have communication skills to enable easy flow of information to junior employees. Ability to establish corporate values and promote corporate ethics together with the ability to embrace change all defines the manager.

As a manager i would involve participative leadership where managers and employees work together to make decisions. Involvement of junior staff in decision making makes it easier for the managers to delegate jobs to them in case they are absent. Delegation involves assigning jobs to junior employees by the managers. This would ensure that even in the absence of the top officials the company will not experience difficulties in management.

Delegation exposes the junior employees to bigger challenges hence enabling the gain vast experience and the know how to do solve such problems if they occur in future. Contingency planning is highly encouraged since as the company is often faced with constraints a backup plan should always be available in case the primary plan fails.

I would encourage SWOT analysis to help know of possible threats and weaknesses that the company has. It will also expose the areas of strength to the company and opportunities. SWOT analysis helps forecast the future and hence as a manager knowing the strengths of the company will be easier to come up with the backup plan.

Modern organizations are faced with several challenges and it is upon the administrator to strike a balance between leadership skills and managerial skills if he or she is to be successful in realizing the organizational tasks and objectives. For instance, the person in charge should be aware of the causes of failures since this would play a role in coming up with mitigation strategies.

In fact, several interrelated trends are largely affecting the nature of managerial life in the modern society and the main cause is the desire for change, which is perhaps inevitable. Successful management and leadership in any organization is reliant on how well change is managed since this would determine whether the organization will be competitive, effective, and efficient in delivering critical services to the public.

One society is interrelated to the other meaning that people share political views, social values, and technology, and economic resources globally. Due to this aspect, it is possible for people to compete freely globally, something that presents several challenges for managers and senior policy makers in the organization. An organization has to come up with measures that will help it compete effectively in the global environment.

Organizational chart
Organizational chart

According to this organization structure, the managing director is the head of the company. According to Fayols principles, organizations in which employees have no more than, lines of authority are clear. This organization structure would be the best because it divides organizations into separate units. Workers are grouped by skills and expertise to specialize their skills. In this organization the managing director will be obligated with overseeing that all departments and the company as a whole is in line with achieving its objectives.

The production manager will be obliged the duty of ensuring that all products that the restaurant is offering are produced on time. That the ingredients are available and hence no delay when it comes to processing foods. The human resource manager is charged with the duty of overseeing the employees’ welfares such as retirement, promotions are maintained. It is also in this department that the process of staffing will be carried out.

The procurement manager will be charged with the duty of purchasing raw materials to process products. The finance manager will be obligated the duty of processing the employees payroll, releasing money to purchase materials and also producing the company’s financial reports. In this structure, employees can coordinate work within the function and top management can easily direct activities. The company also has the opportunities of achieving economies of scale and hence increasing its customer base and sales.

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