Electricity Blackout In School


A blackout is a state of total power crash resulting from an imbalance between power generation and consumption. A selective power cut is a controlled shutdown of the power supply in specific areas. Besides, inadequate supply of electricity due to electricity blackout has resulted in many problems in schools. This memo identifies the problem and finds out solutions to be utilized to solve the issue. The overall cost incurred in an attempt to solve the problem has also been calculated. Finally, the benefits that result from the solution found have been used to complete the paper. The issue of electricity blackout has been on the front line, giving researchers the work to find ways to solve the problem.


The problem of electricity blackout in schools has caused chaos in the various departments of the school. There has been reduced performance in most students, parents, the board of management, and the staff at large. Poor performance has resulted in a misunderstanding between the students and their parents, as a significant drop in students’ grades has been recorded (Ray, 2020). Students retire to their dormitories earlier than usual due to darkness, thus reducing their private studies’ ample time. Moreover, immoral behaviors happen every time there is an electricity blackout. The behaviors include stealing among students and damaging school equipment such as sockets.

Access to electrical devices, such as computers, which are essential gadgets in academics, has also become a problem since they use electricity. The setting of exams has been delayed, causing detriment to the school programs, and affecting smooth learning in schools. Evaluation of students’ performance and acquiring of academic results are delayed since all these activities require electricity for them to take place. Access to Wi-Fi has also been delinquent for many students since they cannot access online learning, which has been put in place to help curb the spread of COVID-19. In matters dealing with school finance, it has been not easy to trace some funds due to the manual record-keeping system, thus delaying some school activities.

In mixed boarding schools, boys have been taking the opportunity when there is a power blackout to get into girls’ dormitories, where they end up engaging in immoral behaviors. The act results in an increase in unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among students. Besides, it highly contributes to a high percentage of girls dropping out of school. Drug usage has also been taking place late at night when there is no electricity, and many innocent students are influenced to join bad gangs in abusing drugs.


The school has initiated solutions to help reduce the problem of an electricity blackouts. The school board of management has decided to buy generators that would take over and produce light whenever there is an electricity blackout. Nonetheless, the school should purchase CCTV cameras, which could help reduce theft and observe the students who destroy the school property. Furthermore, the school should distribute bright torches to every class representative for backup use whenever there is a power blackout; the lamps and torches immediately light up.


The estimated price of the generators costs around 800 dollars together with their bulbs—the labor required in inputting the generators to place about 50 dollars. Finances are necessary for buying CCTVs for all classes, and pavements range from $20 to 30 dollars. The cost of purchasing lamps and torches is 10 dollars. The transportation cost used to bring all the equipment to school is estimated to be 5 dollars. The total amount required to help solve these problems is around 890 dollars, and by providing these necessities, there will be remarkable improvements in every field.


Finding solutions to electricity blackouts will result in proper and smooth learning of programs in schools. Students’ performance will improve since they will do their private studies even when it is late at night. Wi-Fi will be accessible, thus giving the students and the staff enough time to do their research. Online learning will also be accessible to all students, thus reducing the spread of the COVID-19. There will be reduced loss of items by students since the CCTV will help maintain the security of their goods. Electrical gadgets such as maximizing the computer’s utility, give the students a wide range of exposure. Nevertheless, there will be quick exams and a fast release of students’ results, thus reducing their anxiety. Finance records will be retrieved quickly, and there will be no delays in running the school activities example, the supply of books.


In conclusion, electricity is crucial in schools since it is the one that decides whether the school is going to continue learning or it is going to terminate its activities. As observed above, electricity plays a crucial role in students’ performance, parents’ reaction toward their children, and the implementation of duties by both the staff and the non-teaching staff. Addressing the issue of electricity blackout in schools results in everything changing from worse to the best.


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