Martin Luther King, Jr. As the World’s Most Famous Civil Rights Activist

Dream like Martin

Martin Luther King, Jr. (born Michael) is the world’s most famous civil rights activist. King was born in 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia, and he was the middle child in the family (“Martin Luther King, Jr.”). King’s grandfather used to be a church minister, and his father became a pastor upon his grandfather’s death. The name Martin Luther was used by Michael King, Sr. to pay respect to the German Protestant religious leader. Later, his son would also adopt that name and become a renowned minister and leader (“Martin Luther King, Jr.”). King’s father fought against racism not only because their race was suffering but because he believed that segregation was against God’s will. Thus Martin Luther King, Jr. was raised in the atmosphere where racial equality was one of the most important aspirations. During the thirteen years of King’s leadership of the civil rights movement, African Americans reached more progress toward equality than over the previous three and a half centuries (“About Dr King Overview”). King is meaningful to me because I also support the fair treatment of all people irrespective of their race, gender, religion, or any other features.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. was known for his activities and ardent speeches against racism and segregation. One of his most famous speeches, which was delivered on 28 August 1963, was called “I Have a Dream” (King). As many as 250,000 people listened to King when he was expressing his ambition to reach equal economic rights for all US citizens. “I Have a Dream” is considered as the decisive moment of the US civil rights movement. Another significant achievement made by King was the arrangement of Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955 (“Martin Luther King, Jr.”). Prior to the boycott, African Americans not only had to sit in particular places on the bus but also had to give up their seats to white people if their part was occupied. Together with E. D. Nixon, the head of the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter, King arranged a protest. Explaining their activity, King mentioned that they had been demonstrating “amazing patience” (“Martin Luther King, Jr.”). These examples are only two of the many important aspects of King’s legacy.

King’s efforts were justly appreciated by some of the world’s most eminent institutions. In particular, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Unfortunately, King also had many enemies, one of whom assassinated the renowned activist in 1968 (“About Dr King Overview”). Although five decades passed since King’s death, his ideas are relevant today. King’s daughter, Bernice, says that the ideas which her father pursued are still endangered in present-day America (Duffy). King’s daughter emphasizes the unfair treatment of African Americans by the police and notes that shootings of unarmed black men occur with “depressing regularity” (Duffy). Bernice King feels hopeful about young people rising for their rights and equality. The dream that her father had continues to live in her and those who support her ideas. The best way to show respect to King is to “depart from the path of self-defeating hate” (Sokol). Indeed, in modern society, it is outrageous to hear that some people disrespect others only based on their skin color. Martin Luther King, Jr. made enormous efforts to stop segregation, and it is the duty of every person to continue his noble mission.

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If I could select a phrase for which I would be known, it would be “enjoy [the life] like me!” I think that people spend too much time thoughtlessly and miss the opportunity of seeing small but beautiful things that make our world such a great place. I would like to be remembered for my attempts to draw everyone’s attention to minute details which create the big picture of our lives.

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