Project Schedule and Budget

The attached document is a schedule detailing the project lifecycle. It includes specific milestones that need to be completed within specified time limits, as well as the resources required for achieving the organizational objectives. This project will take a maximum period of 6 months. Among the milestones that will be tackled within this period include: the creation of a plan, clearing the fields for tree planting, planting the trees, watering the trees, monitoring the progress and training members of the public on how to conserve the planted trees (Solomon, 2010).

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Milestone Duration
1. Creation of a plan (Gray & Larson, 2008) 1 week
2. Clearing the fields for tree planting 2 weeks
3. Planting the trees 4 weeks
4. Watering the trees 8 weeks
5. Monitoring the progress (Quantum & Daley, 2011) 8 weeks
6. Training members of the public on how to conserve the planted trees 1 week


Gray, C. & Larson, E. (2008). Project management. (1st ed). Boston: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Quantum, P.M. & Daley, S. (2011). Microsoft Project in Depth (1st ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Que Publishing.

Solomon, M. G. (2010). PPM Exam Cram: Project Management Professional (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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