The American Red Cross’ Services and Customer Care


The Red Cross is a humanitarian aid organization that has been in existence since 1981. The organization provides emergency relief and education to several individuals globally. Red Cross assists approximately sixty-seven thousand people every year. This is a volunteer-based organization that has offices worldwide. The other services that Red Cross provides are community services and collecting, processing, and distributing blood and its products. The Red Cross also offers education services in health, safety, and preparedness. Red Cross works hand in hand with other relief agencies around the world. The Red Cross has its headquarters based in Washington, DC.

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The experience of my uncle with the Red Cross

My uncle works with one of the leading non-governmental organizations in the United States of America. In 2007, he was an election observer in the republic of Kenya. The country had historical post-election violence after the highly contested general election. My uncle was in the Rift valley province as an election observer. This was the most affected region during the post-election violence. All the roads were impassable, and he sought refuge at the police station. Red Cross came in by providing emergency relief such as food, blankets, and clothing to the victims. The Red Cross also airlifted my uncle to the capital city where he was secure.

Skills required for a Red Cross volunteer

Red Cross offers volunteer services to needy people in the community. People in emergency conditions require someone to listen to them. Red Cross workers should have excellent listening skills to be able to meet the needs of their target population. Such people recover faster when they get someone to share their experiences.

Red Cross workers should be acquainted with excellent listening skills. This plays a vital role in counseling people in emergency conditions. Red Cross workers should develop the habit of listening more and talking less in the course of duty (Baristain, 2006, p. 63).

Another skill that is vital for Red Cross workers is communication. The workers interact with so many people as they work. There is no way Red Cross workers can carry on their daily duties without effective communication skills. Employees should possess both verbal and nonverbal communication skills. This is because some people can not express themselves well. The volunteers should be able to interpret sign language to help them in their duty. There is no way a person can work effectively for the Red Cross without effective communication skills (Cahill, 2005, p.40).

Comparison between the Red Cross and other service organizations

The Red Cross is not the only organization that provides humanitarian relief to needy people. Most of the service providers concentrate on disaster relief programs. The Red Cross provides services in other areas apart from this emergency support. The Red Cross provides comfort and communication services to the military and their family members. Red Cross also participates in collecting, screening, and distributing blood and its products. The Red Cross also plays a vital role in offering services to the community. Red Cross offers free health, safety, and preparedness training. Because of these extra services, I can comfortably work with the Red Cross society. This is because the Red Cross offers an excellent opportunity for career growth.


The Red Cross has been helpful to several people across the world since 1981. This essay looks at the experience my uncle had with Red Cross. The second point in this essay is the skills that are relevant to a Red Cross volunteer. The essay finally compares the Red Cross with other service organizations. Because of the career growth opportunity, I can comfortably work with the Red Cross.

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