The Project Integration Management

The three processes related to planning include developing the project management plan, directing and managing project work, and managing project knowledge. Additionally, the activity begins with initiation processes and at this stage, a team is formed, and the goals, tasks, results, resources, and deadlines of the project are determined. Then, when many points are discussed, the initiation process smoothly proceeds to the planning process. The planning process continues almost until the project is completed and finished. The initial schedule is being detailed and clarified, so it means building an integration interaction between planning processes and work execution processes then.

First, project integration is a complex process that allows one to combine several components into a single whole, also it helps to ensure collaboration and sort out the information. This area of knowledge focuses on monitoring and coordinating various project elements to provide its integrity, unity, cohesion, and inseparability. The integration management includes plans, ideas, and options for the development of the project and its subsequent implementation, realization, and the control of agreed changes for the elements. Second, project management processes depend on each other, balance, and intersect together. Moreover, the integration allows one to evaluate all the components from different points of view – in the present and future. This makes it possible to anticipate permissible risks and losses and a chance to correct, minimize, or avoid adverse consequences (Pheng, 2017). The project integration is a kind of framework, foundation because all parts of it are based, from beginning to end. The project integration differs from regular project management because it allows one to establish and strengthen the system of project priorities, correctly draw up a strategy, plans, and distribute resources following set priorities.


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