Communication Plan and Sponsorship in Projects

The success of projects depends on how they are planned and approached. Communication and availability of resources are very crucial in the completion of the project (Wager et al., 2017). Therefore, once a project is approved, a good communication plan and sponsorship are essential to ensure it is completed within the allocated timeframe. Effective communication is crucial in uniting the team members and defining roles. It is the backbone of a successful project since all the stakeholders understand what they should contribute to complete it.

Communication should begin at the project initiation phase when performing the requirements analysis. The team leader should create awareness to the stakeholders regarding the need for the new project, its benefits, and the required resources. A communication plan identifies how essential information will be passed to stakeholders, customers, team members, sponsors, and all other persons involved in the project, the primary audience (Wager et al., 2017). It describes the delivery method, frequency, and who receives the information at a particular time.

The project team leader should communicate most information; however, the other stakeholders also should have a voice. They should be able to give feedback on the progress of the project. It could be complaints or positive feedback; the project team manager should use this information to improve the project and ensure it is within the scope. Moreover, communication helps eliminate uncertainties; sharing the project details among the people involved opens their minds, and they can view the project from different perspectives hence identifying the possible risks. PMI report shows that companies that have highly effective communication have 80% of successful projects compared to 52% of the organizations that minimally have effective communication “Project communication plan definition,” 2021). Therefore, sharing details during the execution of a project is crucial.

On the other hand, sponsorship ensures that the project has the required funds and resources. The sponsors are held accountable as far as decision-making and provision are concerned. Additionally, they link financial and non-financial considerations and perform a risk analysis to help the management make decisions. As a result, the organization gains confidence in the projected yields. Firms with poor governance and sponsorship tend to execute projects that may have adverse effects on their growth. Thus, selecting the most reliable sponsors is imperative in ensuring the success of projects.

Sponsors may face several challenges that may affect the delivery of the project. First, they may be overwhelmed by the roles if they have various tasks to champion. They can solve this issue by sharing their roles among a coalition of sponsors (Theodos et al., 2020). Second, there may be role disconnection where they may not understand what the project entails; they think their part is to provide approval and funding. This makes it challenging for the project manager because it may be hard to start controlling his or her senior. To curb this, the project managers should communicate with them early and make sure they understand their responsibilities clearly.

Lack of knowledge may be another challenge that sponsors may face (Theodos et al., 2020). Though they are senior, they may not possess the expertise required in a particular project. Thus, they need guidance and training to be able to support the project effectively. Admittedly, a good sponsor should be able to influence the project’s direction and outcome. Therefore, an organization should ensure they choose the right sponsorship for the role.


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