Effects of Cell Phone on Society


Background Information

Since the introduction of the cell phone, this communication gadget has had a great impact on the society. The telecommunication industry has played a major role in enhancing communication. Different categories of individuals use cell phones for different purposes. Mobile phones vary greatly in terms of prices. Accordingly, different individuals can access different mobile phones based on their taste and affordability. In addition, the different features o mobile phones enable marketers to position them according to the desired segments in the market. Their services have helped make life easier and efficient.

The invention of the mobile phone has revolutionized the social culture of individuals in the United States. For anybody who is travelling, a cell phone has become an almost indispensable gadget to carry along. This is because such individuals are in a position to keep contact with their relatives, business associates and other acquaintances. Furthermore, one can now book a plane ticket online and confirm the reservation using his/her mobile phone.

Consequently, business culture has changed as a result of the introduction of the cell phone. For example, the mobile phone has greatly revolutionized electronic commerce, enabling an increasingly greater number of people to purchase products and services using this gadget. In addition, marketers can now post advertisements to their products and services in the form of short text message (SMS) to their target customers. Cell phones have a positive effect on the society today.

Introduction of Subject

Mobile phones are electronic gadgets that are used for communication. They are portable and individuals travel with them in different places. They have become a common means of communication that allow individuals to interact frequently and provides a means of communication between businesses and clients.

Statement of Opinion

Cell phones have affected the social life of individuals in a great way. They have improved the lives of many. They have acted as a form of entertainment for many individuals.

Thesis Statement

Cell phones affect the society by way of impacting on the culture. In the process, use of cell phones makes life easier for individuals who use them.

Effect on the Frequency of Communication

Social culture of individuals in the United States has been revolutionized by the invention of the mobile phone. The frequency of communication between individuals has greatly increased (Bucy 2005, pg.39). In the United States, over 80% of the population owns a cell phone (U.S. and World Population Clocks, 2009. Para.4). Over 50% use the cell phones for communication with friends. This has allowed frequent communication amongst the individuals. In the past, friends used letters to communicate. They could also use occasional landline phone calls. Friends can today communicate as many times as they wish as long as they have cell phones.

A large number of people also use their mobile phones to access such social networks as Facebook and Twitter in addition to the sending out electronic mails (Goggin, 2006, p.14). It is unthinkable of two lovers in today’s world to go for consecutive days without communicating with each other especially if they are miles apart. Mobile phones are used by young people to start and maintain relationships. These young people exchange romantic text messages, images and pictures that not only entertain but also help maintain relationships. Cell phones have affected the social lives of individuals in the United States.

Effect on Businesses

The invention of the mobile phone has led to the introduction of new businesses and they have also been used to conduct business. Businessmen communicate with suppliers using the mobile phone and they use the mobile phone to make orders and confirm deliveries. Service providers such as investors and stock brokers communicate with their clients instantly. Some businesses use the short message service to advertise their products (Belch & Belch, 2004, pg.23).

Any changes in products, introduction of new products, and promotions are communicated to customers through text messages. Over 20% of companies are today communicating with their clients using mobile phones (Winder, 2009, pg.228). Mobile phones have led to the invention of new businesses. Some people have invested in selling the gadgets. Others deliver premium content and subscribers are charged some fee for the content received. Such content includes ringtones, alerts, logos, and others. Other individuals have secured jobs with the companies that produce the gadgets. Mobile phones have made the work of business easier and have also led to the formation of new types of business making life easier for the individuals.

Features in Mobile Phones

The latest mobile phones in the market come with extra features that reduce the loads that individuals carry. Today’s cell phones have features such as cameras, radio, TV, Internet, calendar, phonebook, alarm clock, and reminders. These have made life easy for individuals in the society. The phonebook helps an individual in storing contacts of family members, friends and other acquaintances. If an individual has a cell phone, he or she needs not carry a diary or contact book. Memory cards have a massive memory that can be used to store all this information in the mobile phone. Calendars in the mobile phones are used to confirm dates and one needs to have the manual calendar (Keith 2009. Para.5).

Alarm clocks and reminders help individuals to be punctual and remember important events respectively. Many individuals in the community are using the mobile phone to access the internet. About 85% of young people in the United States use the internet service in the mobile phones to access sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and e-mails, and others. The internet allows them to access important information from the internet such as the newspapers and such other news sites as the BBC. Mobile phones have led to the disposal of many gadgets that were used before their invention.

Opposing Point of View

Cell phones have some negative effects to the society. They have been a cause of accidents especially text messaging while driving. Young people have been addicted to text messaging and the internet and it is harmful to their studies.

Response to Opposing Point of View

Cell phones indeed have some negative effects but these do not outweigh the positives. This is to say that the mobile phone is very important in today’s society.


Restatement of Thesis

The mobile phone is a new form of communication that has affected the social lives of many individuals. It has affected the lives of travelers, businessmen, and the society in general. They contain features that make individual’s lives easy. It has revolutionized the social culture of individuals who use it. Mobile phones offer many services that have made lives of individuals easy.


Each individual must have a mobile phone so that his or her life can become easier.

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