68 Cinema Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Cinema Research Papers Examples

  1. Dances with Wolves' Movie: Colonialism and Post-Colonialism
    Directed by Kevin Costner in 1990, Dances with Wolves is considered one of the most skillful depictions of American history and the role that the ideas of colonialism played in it.
  2. Nazi Propaganda: Art and Politics
    Hitler and the Nazi leaders brainwashed the common people of Germany with their propaganda tools and art was a weapon of extreme propaganda.
  3. Punk Subculture in the Media
    The punk movement has its origin in New York City and then subsequently spread to other parts of the world, but the relation it has with San Antonio is something unique.
  4. Cultural Movement: Hip-Hop Related Films
    Hip-hop is a cultural movement that is evidenced in ‘break dancing, graffiti writing, Disk Joking and eMCeeing’.
  5. Italian Americans Portrayed as Mafia Members in Films
    Corruption, vengeance, and discrimination initiate the production of mafia films. The ideas of these films destroy the public image of Italian Americans.
  6. The Role of Music in the Films “The Hours and the Third Man”
    The paper attempts to enumerate the various ways by which soundtrack of motion pictures supplement the themes and other literary devices employed by moviemakers.
  7. Literary Techniques and Ethnicity Role in Screenwriting
    Modern screenwriting has become a highly complex task that stands on the border between art and academic science.

🏆 Best Cinema Essay Titles

  1. Government Regulations and American Cinema
  2. Perceptions Formed From Cinema
  3. Aesthetic and Thematic Definition of Independent Cinema
  4. Gangster Films and Their Evolvement
  5. Hollywood Mainstream Cinema’s Treatment of Gender in the 1980s
  6. The First Public Movie Theater of the 20th Century
  7. Understanding Black American Aspects of Hip Hop Cinema
  8. Online Cinema Reservation System
  9. Modern Cinema and Its Impact on Society
  10. The Film Audience and the Movie Capote
  11. Filipino Cinema’s Hope for Change
  12. The Gambia and the Movie Industry
  13. Modern Cinema and Its Effects on American Cinema
  14. Positive and Negative Influences of Cinema on Popular American Culture
  15. The Classical Hollywood Style by American Cinema
  16. Interpersonal Communication in the Movie Crash
  17. The Cinema and Its Environmental Implications
  18. American Cinema and Its Effect on the Middle Class
  19. Leonardo Dicaprio in Movie ‘Titanic’
  20. The First Curse Word in Cinema in 1923
  21. The Movie Industry in New Jersey
  22. Strengthening the Link Between National Cinema and National Identity
  23. The Relationship Between Melodrama and Realism in the British Cinema
  24. The Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Cardinal Virtues of Cinema
  25. Similarities Between Watching Movies at Home and Cinema
  26. Violent Films and Their Impact on Children
  27. The Evolution and Cultural Influence of American Cinema
  28. Backyard Cinema as the Gateway to the Magic of Cinema
  29. The Third Party Syndrome in the Philippine Cinema
  30. American Cinema and Culture Through the Decades of Cinema
  31. Iranian Cinema After Revolution
  32. New Wave Indian Cinema
  33. The Objectified and Commodified Woman in Film
  34. Fate Versus Free Will in Cinema Today
  35. Fascist Films Cinema Industry
  36. Japanese Cinema Sensuality and Politics
  37. Alternative Cinema Film Audience Brecht
  38. Alternate Narrative Systems: Counter Cinema
  39. Italian Neorealism and National Cinema
  40. American Cinema and Asian Culture

❓ Cinema Research Questions

  1. Does Television Entry Decrease the Number of Movie Theaters?
  2. How Was the Cold War Represented in Cinema?
  3. What Are the Contributions of the Lumiere Brothers to Cinema?
  4. What Factors of Cinema and Television Affect Society?
  5. How Do Cinema Directors Develop Humanism Theories?
  6. How Has James Cameron Presented and Adapted the True Story of the Titanic for the Cinema?
  7. Does Movie Affect Teen Smoking?
  8. How Cinema and Theater Convey Pleasure in the Acts of Search and Lust?
  9. How Did the Cinema Affect the Lives of Women and Children in the 1930s?
  10. Does the First Talking Dame Still Exist in Contemporary Film Movie?
  11. Why Was Cinema Going So Popular in the First Half of the Century?
  12. What Are the Main Features of the Period From Early Film to Early Cinema?
  13. In What Way Does Politics Affect Cinema?
  14. What Do People Like About Films and How Do They Keep the Audience?
  15. Does Movie Violence Increase Rates Of Crime?
  16. How Film Technology Impacted Cinema’s Evolution?
  17. Why Are Children Used as Protagonists in Iranian Cinema?
  18. What Makes Historical Films So Special?
  19. How Does Cinema Influences Conceptual Relevance?
  20. What Function Does the Star System Play in Hollywood Cinema?
  21. How Has the Experience of Cinema-Going Changed Over the Past Century?

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