101 Music Research Topics & Essay Examples

🎵 Music Research Papers Examples

  1. Media and Advertising Relationships
    The paper explores the influence of mass media advertising on the social culture and ideologies, production and consumption of products/ services, and its role on globalization.
  2. Gender Role in the Music Videos
    The modern world has brought about many changes in the way gender roles are viewed by the society. The media has a lot of influence on people’s demand for the types of music.
  3. Youth Media and New Culture
    The teenagers and young adults have re-embedded themselves in the globally circulated media. This has resulted in the formation of a new culture.
  4. Violent Music and Its Impacts on Children
    Music is one of the most influential tools that have captured the attention of children. This paper offers an incisive look at how violent music may be psychologically harmful to children.
  5. Live Music Concert at the Oakton Community College
    This reflective treatise reviews the concert at the Studio One, Oakton Community College. The paper will dwell on scope of their performance, songs that were played, strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Korean Music Industry Development
    The paper discusses the development of Korean media systems. It analyzes the Korean music industry and defines how Korean politics and the economy affect this industry.
  7. Chinese Hip Hop and Identity
    This paper examines how Chinese hip hop supports the socio-economic and political needs of many youths and what are the major issues associated with hip hop identity in China.
  8. Sgt. Peppers in "The Space Between the Notes" by Whiteley
    Sheila Whiteley, analyzing the songs of the album, compares various music patterns and different musical techniques.
  9. Stereotypes about African American Women
    Contemporary mass media present the society with many stereotypes, which create a negative image for Afro-American women and affect the lives of these women.
  10. Online Marketing and World Wide Web
    Online chats are organized on the requirements defined by a user, and a program could choose the representatives.
  11. Advertising and Fashion Shaping Social Identity
    People belonged to various social groups that they identified based on several socio-cultural and religious beliefs. A human being highly values a sense of belonging.
  12. Stereotypes about African American Women
    The stereotypes formed by the mass media create a negative image for Afro-American women and that this image significantly affects the lives of these women.
  13. Students’ Motivation and Satisfaction of Music Festival
    Music festivals work as powerful mediums for inspiring, motivating and stirring transformation for an improved world.
  14. Life of Ludwig Van Beethoven
    The actual birth date of Ludwig Van Beethoven falls somewhere during the year of 1770 in Bonn, Germany.
  15. Copyright and Piracy: Issue Analysis
    Cases of copyright infringement through the download of music have remained high even amid rampant media education and court cases aimed at educating people on the threats piracy causes to the copyright owners.
  16. Is It Morally Acceptable to Download?
    The world is in the middle of a universal hi-tech revolution based on information technology.in recent time there's a basic question whether or not one should pay for online music.
  17. American Art and American Identity
    American art dates back to many years ago and it has traveled the road of adversity and disputes to be where it is. American art carries with it thematic issues that speak volumes about Americans
  18. Censorship, Freedom of Speech, and Human Rights
    This paper will seek to discuss the different arguments of different authors of different sources on the issue of censorship and violation of human rights.
  19. Punk Subculture in the Media
    The punk movement has its origin in New York City and then subsequently spread to other parts of the world, but the relation it has with San Antonio is something unique.
  20. Genders, Sexuality, and Hip-Hop
    The hip-hop culture has projected women as sexual objects, and this is highly depicted in modern commercial hip-hop music.

👍 Good Music Essay Topics to Write about

  1. Debussy’s String Quartet and Symphonic Music
    Debussy rejected the traditional approach to composing and chose to give emphasis to the tonal pattern and to the accentuated texture and color of the instruments’ sound.
  2. Cultural Movement: Hip-Hop Related Films
    Hip-hop is a cultural movement that is evidenced in ‘break dancing, graffiti writing, Disk Joking and eMCeeing’.
  3. Recording Industry and Radio Threats
    This paper compares and contrasts the recording industry’s reactions to the coming of radio with the threats it is now facing in the electronic age.
  4. Why We Should Pay for Music?
    Proponents of paid online music downloads affirm that they are protectors of the rights of the music artists and support their cause and purpose.
  5. Music and Video Industry: The Effects of Copyrighting
    The existing intellectual property laws have been quite effective in tracking down offenders who duplicate music and video files using computer software.
  6. Computer Components in the Future
    The paper provides an annotated bibliography of computer parts like displays, processors (CPUs), memories, and future articles.
  7. Illegal Music Downloading: Legal Issues
    This paper discusses how the internet has allowed illegal music downloading and how it has impacted the music business.
  8. Two Prolific Geniuses: Mozart and Haydn
    The purpose of this paper is to explore the way the talent of Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart evolved.
  9. The Uprising of Hip-Hop: Music History
    Hip-hop trends and musical innovations became a cultural trend that had a great impact on all aspects of cultural life. This paper analyzes the uprising of hip-hop.
  10. How Gangsta Rap and Rock Music Address Violence, Racism, and Social Issues
    This essay concentrates on how gangsta rap and rock music address violence, racism, and social issues in society.
  11. “The Internet, Viral Marketing”: The Effect on the Music Industry
    The paper “The internet, viral marketing and the development of the music industry” is focused on the effect of internet marketing strategies on the music industry.
  12. Social Networking Sites: Evolution of Internet Ads
    The purpose of this work is to explore the history and increase in online advertising focusing on advertisements shown to consumers on social networking sites.
  13. Examining the Method of Debussy and His Influence on Symphonic Music
    Debussy believed in coming up with approaches that would help an artist present his or her views without the restrictions that were common in those traditional approaches.
  14. The Role of Music in the Films “The Hours and the Third Man”
    The paper attempts to enumerate the various ways by which soundtrack of motion pictures supplement the themes and other literary devices employed by moviemakers.
  15. Cultural Heritage of Oyo Empire
    The Yoruba people, Western African nations' representatives, created their language, religion, art, and architecture and formed a sig.
  16. Intellectual Property. The Challenge of Copyright Law
    The challenge of copyright law with regard to intellectual property is an issue that stakeholders have tried to address using numerous legal strategies.
  17. Indian Classical Dance and Social Issues Involved
    The paper states that the classical dance of India involves seven styles at once. The styles are variations of national creativity.
  18. Internal Opposition to Apartheid in South Africa Up to 1980
    South Africa's Apartheid regime racially separated and pitted white Afrikaners against blacks, and this essay will focus on opposition themes to the Apartheid regime.

🏆 Best Music Essay Titles

  1. Creating Variation Within Traditional Classical Music Forms
  2. Elementary Level Music Education and Its Importance
  3. Critical Overview of the Evolution of Radio and Music
  4. Electronic Music and Its Effect on Human Behavior
  5. Streaming and the Future of the Music Industry
  6. African American Music and Its Influence on American Culture
  7. Successful Strategies for Small Music Venues
  8. Elementary Classroom Learning and Music Instruction
  9. Romantic Era of Classical Music
  10. African American Music and Its Impact on African Americans
  11. Music Therapy for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  12. Downloading Copyright Music From the Internet
  13. Ambient Music and the Impulse Towards Deconstruction
  14. Classical Era and Romantic Era Composers’ Music
  15. Electronic Distribution and the Music Industry
  16. Elementary Music Education Observation
  17. African American Music and Its Influence on the World
  18. American Culture and the Influence of Music
  19. Alt-J’s Transcendentalist Approach to Music Making
  20. Children’s Neurology and the Effects of Music
  21. Classical Music and Its Influence on the Western and Other Parts
  22. Driving With Music: Cognitive Behavioural Implications
  23. Modern Music and Its Impact on Popular Music
  24. Drinking Alcohol and Drug at Sports Events and Music Festivals
  25. Classical Music and Its Influence on the Culture
  26. Technology Advancement and the Music Industry
  27. Aloys Fleischmann: His Contributions to Music in Ireland
  28. Classical and Popular Performances of Music
  29. The Romantic Era Poems to Go With Their Music
  30. Music That Subverts the Standard Form of Arranging Sounds
  31. The Purpose and Role of Music in Art
  32. The Rapidly Changing Industry of Music
  33. Classical Music and the Era of Symphonies
  34. Copyright Laws and the Protection of the Music Industry
  35. Strengthening the Learning Process Through Music
  36. Baroque Era Music Compared to Modern Rock
  37. Civil Rights, Equality and the Music of Nina Simone
  38. Christianity and the Modern Music Industry
  39. The American Folk Music Legend Sixto Diaz Rodriguez
  40. Critical Thinking, Elementary Grades, and Music Education

❓ Music Research Questions

  1. Can the Music Industry Survive Despite Piracy?
  2. How Will the Internet Impact the Distribution of Music and Other Media?
  3. Can Music Control Teens?
  4. Does Dancehall Music Affect the Society Negatively?
  5. How Are Black Women Portrayed in Music Videos?
  6. Can the Music Industry Change Its Tune?
  7. Does Classical Music Have an Effect on Infants’ Brain?
  8. Does Dancehall Music Have Positive Effects on Jamaica?
  9. How Do Art and Music Relate to Each Other?
  10. Can Music Affect the Way We Speak?
  11. Can the Music Industry Adapt to the Digital Future?
  12. How Do Urban Centers Affect Music Development?
  13. Does Classical Music Help the Growth of Plants?
  14. Does Heavy Metal Rock Music Encourage Violence in Teenagers?
  15. What Made the Beatles’ Music Different?
  16. How Does Music Reflect Society?
  17. What Influenced Joseph Haydn’s Music?
  18. Does Classical Music Help You Study Better?
  19. How Does Background Music Affect Short-Term Memory?
  20. What Should You Know Before You Download Music Online?
  21. How Does Music Influence Politics?
  22. How Does Music Contribute to Cultural Development?
  23. Does Heavy Metal Music Cause Suicides?

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