102 Obesity Essay Topics & Examples

In 2020, 42 percent of adults in America have obesity. Black people have had the highest level of it – 49.9 percent. The level of obesity has nearly tripled since 1975 worldwide, so it continues to be a serious problem. Obesity is associated with many health issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and even mental health issues. It also has social and economic consequences. Obesity might lead to negative attitudes, discrimination, and social isolation. It can also lead to lost productivity and higher healthcare costs.

If you’re looking for obesity essay topics, you’re in the right place. Here we’ve collected exciting childhood obesity essay topics, ideas for your cause-and-effect paper, and A+ obesity essay examples.

📝 Childhood Obesity Esay Examples

  1. Fast Food and Culture
    Fast food is used to refer to the food that is prepared and served within a short period of time which is sold in a restaurant or store.
  2. Obesity Problem in American Schools
    American schools are in a unique position to help improve youth dietary behaviors and prevent cases of obesity.
  3. Nutrition: Childhood Obesity and Sustainability Problem
    This paper is aimed at discussing the relationship between childhood obesity and sustainability. There are many problems that attract much attention of the mass media.
  4. Childhood Obesity Prevalence
    The paper explores the prevalence of childhood obesity, examines the effects of child obesity on health, and recommends the approaches that can aid in solving theproblem.
  5. The Effects of Media on Child Obesity
    This paper will demonstrate that the media has contributed to the prevalence of childhood obesity in the country by highlighting the effects that the media has on child obesity.
  6. Child Obesity in the United States
    The number of overweight children in most of the states has been on an upward trend despite the increased media campaigns sensitizing the public on this health condition.
  7. Fast Food Addiction Essay – the Case of UAE
    This fast food addiction essay explores the causes of obesity in UAE. The United Arab Emirates in one of the world’s most obese countries, and one of the key reasons is junk food consumption.
  8. Hispanic Adolescents' Obesity and Fast Food Consumption
    The current study sought to establish the relationship between Hispanic adolescents and fast food consumption.
  9. Technology and Children
    This paper argues that technology has negative effects on children, and therefore, their exposure should be regulated and closely monitored.
  10. Home Environment and Obesity in Preschool Children
    Østbye et al. affirm that though obesity in children has an intricate etiology, the home setting controls the weight of children through shaping their physical exercise.
  11. The Fast Food Industry: Negative Impacts Review
    The fast food industry is one of the largest businesses in the world. Fast food has been recognized to be a large area of assets concerning food.
  12. Marketing to Children Overview
    This paper will explore how big advertising companies transform kids into consumers and explain why marketing to children may represent a significant social problem.
  13. Effect of Television Marketing on Children’s Choice of Food
    The impact of television advertising on children’s choice of food can be minimized through self-regulation, responsible marketing, education programs, and governmental control.
  14. Development in Video Games Created More Problems Than Solutions
    This paper shall argue that developments in the gaming industry have created more problems than solutions. It shall discuss the various problems that are attributed to video games.
  15. Obesity Issue in Society: A Growing Concern
    The paper focuses on obesity, reveals its prevalence in society, identifies solutions, and concludes by showing measures to be taken in controlling this condition.
  16. No to Obesity—a Child’s Anti-obesity Program
    Studies have revealed that over two-thirds of American adults are considered to be overweight, and nearly one-third of the children and adolescents are obese.
  17. Popular Diets, and Their Benefits and Concerns
    A proper diet should contain all required nutrients, including energy, vitamins, and minerals, and it should be easy to ingest, digest and absorb.
  18. Preparations of a Food and Nutrition Policy
    This paper discusses regulating food advertising to children, obesity as a strong health concern, children’s obesity statistics, television ads and child obesity.
  19. Fast Food’ Effects on Children
    This is a research paper on the effects of fast food on the society, but specifically, more emphasis is put on the younger generation, the children.
  20. Argument for and Against the Fast Food Industry in USA
    Fast food has quickly gained preference in modern society becoming a major source of nutrition in many countries among different demographics and cultures across the world
  21. Health Effects of High Fructose Containing Sugars
    Studying the health effects of high fructose corn syrup will enable the adverse effects of HFCS to be identified and allow for their prevention and management.
  22. Why Is Obesity Not Considered a Disease?
    Obesity is a health condition that arises as a result of a high accumulation of body fat, which can cause health complications.

🏆 Best Obesity Essay Titles

  1. Fighting the Childhood Obesity Crisis in America
  2. Morbid Obesity and Gastric Bypass Surgery
  3. Eating Disorders: Obesity, Anorexia, and Bulimia
  4. Nurse Practitioners Preventing Pediatric Obesity
    Hessler’s “Self-efficacy and knowledge of nurse practitioners to prevent pediatric obesity” identifies the issue related to childhood obesity.
  5. Identifying Endogenous Peer Effects in the Spread of Obesity
  6. Childhood Obesity Among America’s Children
  7. Factors Affecting the Rate of Obesity
  8. Obesity in Adolescents as a Health Issue
    Obesity is an illness that is characterized by the excessive accumulation of body fat. It is a significant health concern.
  9. Interventions for Obesity Among College Students
  10. Three Different Level Solutions to the Childhood Obesity
  11. Obesity: Definition, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment
  12. Trends in Obesity and Diabetes Across Africa in 1980-2014
    The broad topic area of the study by the Africa Working Group (2017) is obesity and diabetes occurrence patterns in African regions.
  13. Combating Childhood Obesity and Its Effects
  14. The Socio-Ecological Model of Childhood Obesity
  15. Cultural Causal Factors for Obesity
  16. Obesity Factors in the United States
    Statistics show that the United States leads the list of countries regarding the percentage of the population with obesity. Among Americans, about a third of adults are overweight.
  17. Household Food Insecurity and Childhood Obesity
  18. Bariatric Surgery the Quick Fix to Obesity
  19. The Long Term Effects of Obesity
  20. Childhood Obesity from Nutritional Perspective
    When taking into account the problem of childhood obesity, the share of food consumed in the energy ratio should be assessed.
  21. Fight Obesity Promotion Program
  22. The Relationship Between Poverty and Obesity
  23. McDonald’s and Its Effects on Obesity

🪝 Catchy Obesity Essay Topics

  1. Life Struggles That Come With Obesity
  2. Factors That Affect Overweight and Obesity
  3. Measuring the School Impact on Child Obesity
  4. Health Policy Development in Germany
    Germany’s development strategy prioritizes human rights, hunger and poverty reduction, environmental protection, universal health and education, gender equality, etc.
  5. Food Advertising and Childhood Obesity
  6. Obesity Epidemic Among African American Women
  7. Genetic Factors For and Against Obesity
  8. Child Development and Education: Physical Exercise
    Human development refers to the process of growing to maturity. A child needs to have good physical activities, in order to develop to a healthy adult.
  9. The Alarmingly Increasing Rates of Obesity in the United States
  10. Factors That Affect Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity
  11. The Impact of Advertising on Childhood Obesity
  12. A Curriculum Objectives Paper: Diabetes
    This curriculum objectives document aims to educate key players in diabetes management and affected communities.
  13. Health and Illness Among Childhood Obesity
  14. The Obesity Epidemic Sweeping the Nation
  15. Motivation Modeling for Obesity
  16. Physical Education in California Schools
    Due to the modern sedentary lifestyle and increased obesity levels, it is strongly recommended to the government of California to reevaluate its physical education policy.
  17. The Negative Side Effects of Obesity on the Human Body
  18. Low-Calorie Food and Obesity Diet
  19. Relationship Between Obesity and Depression
  20. Quality Physical Education and Obesity in US Children
    For the public and often the students themselves, physical education in schools is rarely taken seriously, viewed as largely a ‘filler’ subject to meet government requirements.
  21. Government Intervention vs. Obesity Problem
  22. Measures for Controlling Childhood Obesity
  23. Government Programs That May Lower the Country‘s Obesity Rate
  24. Health Promotion With Emphasis on Obesity: Work Plan
    This teaching plan sought practical ways of addressing challenges powered by obesity in the community. Obesity constitutes a major risk among Navajo children.
  25. Factors Affecting Adolescent Obesity in Urban China
  26. Interventions for Childhood Obesity Program
  27. Solving the Childhood Obesity Epidemic
  28. Physical Appearance Informs Impression Bias
    The facial morphology and physical appearance send a strong message towards people, informing them about others’ personality traits.
  29. Life Expectancy for Australia’s Rising Epidemic of Obesity

❓ Obesity Research Questions

  1. How Does Obesity Affect Lung Function and Health?
  2. How Can Socioeconomic Factors Shape the Obesity Problem?
  3. What Are the Characteristics of Obesity?
  4. Can Soda Tax Prevent Obesity?
  5. How Increased Portion Sizes Effect Obesity Drama?
  6. Does Smoking Affect Body Weight and Obesity in China?
  7. Do TV, Computers, and Other Gadgets Influence Childhood Obesity Rates?
  8. How Do Regular Exercises and Sports in Childhood Protect From Obesity in Adulthood?
  9. How Do Childhood and Adult Obesity Influence Your Community and You Personally?
  10. Is It True That Children Raised Within a Single-Parent Family Are More Prone to Obesity?
  11. What Measures Can Schools and Universities Use to Decrease Obesity Rates?
  12. Does Increased Daytime Sleep Correlate to Obesity?

🍪 Exciting Obesity Research Topics

  1. How Are Fast Food Advertising and Childhood Obesity Related?
  2. Factors in the Sexual Satisfaction of Obese Women
    Factors in the Sexual Satisfaction of Obese Women in Relationship” research is dedicated to factors that might help obese women overcome their emotional barriers.
  3. Does Counseling Help Children With Issues of Obesity?
  4. Does a Vegetarian Diet Decrease Chances of Obesity? Why?
  5. Coca-Cola: Contribution to the Sustainability Agenda
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the role played by businesses in enhancing the sustainability agenda for large corporations such as Coca-Cola.
  6. Can Surgery Methods Overcome Obesity? Is It the Right Choice? Why?
  7. Can Obesity Be Considered a Mental Illness?
  8. Physical Education Impact on Child Development
    Inadequate physical activity hampers psychosocial health in children and elevates the risk of cardiometabolic disorders.
  9. Does Education and the Economic Situation in the Country Play a Role in the Growing Trend of Obesity?
  10. Is Obesity Connected to a Person’s Behavior and Lifestyle?
  11. Health Assessment: Rio Grande Valley Community
    The Rio Grande Community comprises people from different ethnic backgrounds. Some standard practices by the community members predispose them to conditions that can be remedied.
  12. Why Is Obesity a Social Problem? How Can Society Address the Issue?
  13. Does Breastfeeding Decrease the Chances of Occurrence of Childhood Obesity?
  14. The Effect of Obesity on Adulthood Development
    The paper will discuss research findings from scholarly articles focused on the problem of the psychological effects of obesity on adulthood development.
  15. Can Obesity Be Considered a Chronic or Non-chronic Disease?

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