93 Cold War Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Cold War Research Papers Examples

  1. Wars in the USA after the World War II
    The end of the World War II saw the beginning of other wars in the USA such as the war against racial inequality, male dominance, and the Cold War.
  2. What Led to the Cold War?
    Historically, the Cold War started in 1945 way before the silence of gunshots in Pacific areas and in Germany when World War II had just ended.
  3. Cold War Role in the Iranian Revolution
    The cold war between Russia, the United States and Britain played a major role in the onset of the 1953 Iranian coup that led to the subsequent downfall of the Shah Pahlavi’s government.
  4. Communist Nations Divisions During the Cold War
    This essay intends to illuminate the divisions that existed between the communist bloc nations during the cold war.
  5. America’s World Policing History
    The US has been active in international relations, it has always responded to other nations' calls for help in natural disasters, economic constraints, military conflicts, wars.
  6. Conflict and Strategy in the Cold War
    Cold war refers to strained relationship between the two superpowers that emerged after the Second World War. The two super powers were the United States and the Soviet Union.
  7. The Second World War Impact on the USSR
    This paper proves that after the Second World War, the Soviet Union gained economic and political control at the new territories to spread communist ideology there.
  8. The Concept of Nuclear War
    This paper examine the concept of the nuclear war: how this concept appeared, what was the history behind the nuclear war, and how the world perceives nuclear war now.
  9. Mikhail Gorbachev's 1988 UN Speech
    In his speech of 1988, Mikhail Gorbachev explained why a new order was needed in the world. This paper describes a number of issues that revolve around Gorbachev’s historic speech.
  10. World War II: Picking the Pieces of a Global War
    World War II exposed how the atrocities of war can alter the course of civilization and redefined the political, technological, and social development of the world after.
  11. The End of the Cold War: Evaluation of Realism and Liberalism
    To get clear understanding of work of the theory of international relations it is very useful to refer to some major political event and to analyze the event in accordance with the given theory.
  12. World War II and Situation in Countries-Participants After the War
    The end of World War II had heralded along and protracted competition for military and economic supremacy between the United States and the Soviets Union.
  13. Cold War – Importance of Communication Ethics During the Conflict
    The following discussion aims to illustrate the importance of communication ethics with reference to Cold War that is an important historical event.
  14. Cold War and Civil Rights Movements
    The cold war is said to have began around 1947 when President Truman of the United States affirmed his policy against communism thereby provoking a cold war.
  15. “War on Terror” Term and Its History
    The terrorist attacks date back to the 19th century. Interestingly most of these extremist groups seem to target America and its sympathizers
  16. The Origins of the Cold War
    The USSR rather predictably proposed an opposite theory that blamed the US for the Cold War. While this interpretation was popular during the existence of Soviet Russia.
  17. U.S. Foreign Policies in the Middle East
    The end of the Cold War impacted the U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East in some ways. This paper explores how the Post-Cold War period influenced the US program in the Mid-east.
  18. Causes of Cold War
    The tactics employed throughout the cold war included trade and industry wars, diplomatic haggling, misinformation, and sporadic military conflicts.
  19. Developments of Arms Smuggling and Effects on People
    The increased influx of illegal arms from the increased illegal trade has led to increased levels of insecurity of the people of all countries in general.
  20. The Cold War and the Vietnam War
    The Cold War was a post World War II confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union; then know as the United Soviet Socialist Republic.
  21. Gaddis’s Vision of “The Cold War: A New History”
    In the book, The Cold War: A New History John Lewis Gaddis proposes a unique vision of the Cold War and its impact on the world and relations between the USSR and America.

🏆 Best Cold War Essay Titles

  1. The Cold War Communist Agenda in the United States and the Vietnam War
  2. The American Foreign Policy During the Cold War
  3. Cold War and Television: Weapons of Mass Movement
  4. Reasons and Causes for the Ending of the Cold War: Demise of the Soviet Union
  5. Censorship and the Government During the Cold War
  6. Differences Between the Cold War System and Globalization
  7. The Crisis for the United States From the Cuban Missile in the Time of the Cold War
  8. The Era After Cold War in Poland and Other Eastern European Countries
  9. Leveraging the Soviet Union’s Economy for Cold War Success: Reagan’s Impact
  10. Cold War and Factors Leading to the Korean War
  11. The Success and Failures in the Us Policies During the Cold War
  12. Approaches for Human Spaceflight in the Cold War and Post-cold War Context
  13. Cold War and the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  14. Cold War and Bipolarity Between the United States and Soviet Union
  15. Civil Rights Movement and the Impact of the Cold War
  16. Cold War and Communist Response to Perceived Threat
  17. Frozen Conflicts, Economic and Political Ties: Political Actions of the Russian Federation in the Near Abroad in the Post Cold War
  18. Post Cold War Relationship Between Russia and the United States
  19. Origins and Responsibilities for Starting the Cold War
  20. American Cold War Policies: Attack the Second World
  21. Indonesian Political Islam: Capitalist Development and the Legacies of the Cold War
  22. Global and National Developments Resulting From the Cold War
  23. Communism and Capitalism During the Cold War
  24. Increased Military Spending During the Cold War and Stagnation in the Economy
  25. NATO and the Marshall Plan and How They Affected the Cold War
  26. Cold War and Varying Perceptions by the Soviet Union and the United States
  27. Imperialism, Expansionism, and the Cold War
  28. International Relations After the Cold War: Issues and Dimensions
  29. American Anticommunism During the Cold War
  30. The Civil Rights and Its Role in the Cold War for America
  31. Ideological Differences and Their Part in the Origin of the Cold War
  32. Military and Nuclear Weapon Development During the Cold War
  33. The Multiple Contradictions and Mistakes of the Cold War Players
  34. Germany: The Cold War, Reunification, and the Berlin Wall
  35. Economic Interests, Party, and Ideology in Early Cold War Era U.S. Foreign Policy
  36. Bevin’s Boys Abroad: British Labor Diplomacy in the Cold War Era
  37. Borders Inside and Outside Alliances: Russia’s Eastern Frontiers During the Cold War
  38. Cuban American Relations: Cuban Missile Crisis and Cold War
  39. The Cold War Between the United States and Russia and How Afghanistan Was Used as a Pawn
  40. Empowering Revolution: Poland and the End of the Cold War

❓ Cold War Research Questions

  1. How the Cold War in the 1950s Threatened the Lifestyle of the American People?
  2. How Has China’s and India’s Africa Policy Changed in the Post-cold War?
  3. Did the USSR Directly Start the Cold War?
  4. How Far Did Peaceful Coexistence Ease Cold War Tensions?
  5. How Leaders Conflicted During the Infamous Cold War?
  6. Did Ronald Reagan End the Cold War, and Did America Win the Cold War?
  7. How Did the Cold War Affect the Politics of Germany and Italy?
  8. How Did the Cold War Shape the American Economy, Society, and Politics From 1945 to 1992?
  9. How Far Has the Historical Debate About the Origins of the Cold War Changed Since the Collapse of the Ussr in 1991?
  10. How Did the End of the Cold War Affect the Concept of Security?
  11. How Far Was the Process of Decolonisation Affected by Cold War?
  12. Why Did the Cold War in Europe and Asia Get More Serious Between 1960 and 1964?
  13. How Has the Nature of Security Changed Since the End of the Cold War?
  14. How and Why Did America ‘Win’ the Cold War?
  15. How Did Ronald Reagan Deal With the End of the Cold War? Do You Think He and Mikhail Gorbachev Were Partners or Opponents?
  16. How Did the Cold War Affect Asian American Experiences?
  17. How the Cold War Affected American Society and Entertainment?
  18. Did the Cold War Affect International Relations?
  19. How Did the Cold War Affect the World Today?
  20. Was the Downfall of European Power During the Cold War a Positive or Negative?
  21. How the Arms Race and Space Race Contributed to the Rivalry Between the USA and Ussr During the Cold War Era?
  22. For What Reasons and to What Extent, Did the Potsdam Conference of July 1945 Contribute to the Development of the Cold War?
  23. How Did the Cold War Promote the Civil Rights Movement in America, and How Did It Promote Change?
  24. Did Cold War Confrontation Become Inevitable?
  25. How Did the Cold War Affect Domestic Policy and American Society?
  26. How Did the Cold War Begin and What Weapons Were Used to Fight This War?
  27. How and Why Did the United States Decide to Participate in the Cold War?
  28. How Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan Mutually Ended the Cold War?
  29. How Did the Berlin Crisis of 1958-61 Affect and Change the Cold War?
  30. How Important Were Nuclear Weapons in Determining the Development of the Cold War in the Years 1949-63?
  31. How Did Cold War Politics Accelerate European Integration in Some Ways but Hinder It in Others?
  32. How Far Did Relations Between East and West Change During the Cold War Period From 1948 to the 1980s?

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